Why Online Marketing Is Better Than Offline Marketing

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When I think of contemporary marketing, I think of making choices. What are you going for? For a newspaper ad, joining a business club, embracing an online marketing agency, or for a fun guerrilla marketing campaign? Everything costs money, but when you do it right, we don’t talk about costs but talk about investments that help grow your business.

Today, therefore, I would like to give you some important reasons why online marketing is better than offline marketing. Of course, you should read this article with a wink, but it is still good to consider every point.

Importance of online marketing

I am writing this article because I have sat at the table with both medium and large companies in recent months and there was a lack of clarity about the benefits of online marketing. Competitors who do things badly in the field of online marketing are often looked at and then it is quickly said: ” Online marketing is not for us.” But nowadays, online marketing is important for almost every company. If it is not now, it will certainly be in 10 years’ time because the younger generations are growing up in a digital age. But due to this shift, you will soon see that everyone will be online soon.

You are building a future

When looking at offline media, you always run into the problem that it is only temporary. A flyer that you hand out in the city or a billboard that stands along the road for one month, it is an investment in temporary attention and then it will disappear again. With online marketing, you literally work on your future. Consider the articles you publish on the internet. These are indexed by the Google search engine, which means that in the coming years you will be increasingly found online by your target group. Or how about your social media channels or email marketing? You start with zero followers/fans/subscribers and gradually build up a whole file of fans and subscribers on which you can then focus your online marketing campaigns. The only way you can get rid of this is because of a shift in interest in social media channels or in the way we take in information. Just think of Hives that many years ago was the place to be, but has now been transformed into HyvesGames. If you see a future on the internet, make sure that you get as much data as possible from your target group, so that you never lose your target group when Facebook, LinkedIn or another channel stops.

It is more measurable

When looking at offline media, it is difficult to make these campaigns measurable. The only way to do this is to refer people to a unique page on your website that you mention on the flyer, for example, or to ask people how they came across you.

With online marketing, you can measure everything well, of course, if you first properly set up your online marketing channels. With Google Analytics you can easily set goals on your website and you can see in no time how many people completed your contact form this month or how many people bought your product. Of course, you have to set these goals first via Google Analytics and this is something that many companies quickly forget. They install Google Analytics, only monitor website users every month and forget to define their goals. The same goes for Google Adwords, Facebook advertising and other ways of advertising via social media or online advertising. Always set your goals so that you can make the results measurable. When you do this you use the advantage of online marketing which is called: Measuring = Knowing = Achieving maximum return.

Advertising is cheaper

When we look at offline advertising (in the newspaper or, for example, a billboard) versus online advertising and social media advertising, you immediately see that online advertising is many times cheaper. An advertisement in the newspaper will quickly cost you 500 euros, with a circulation of around 13,000. With online advertising, you would pay around € 40 or maybe even less for that edition. And we are not even talking about how many people actually see your ad. Because with offline advertising, you have to believe the seller about how many people you will actually reach. Via online and social media advertising you can actually see how many people you will reach and have reached on the basis of the statistics.

And to make it even more attractive, you can choose cost per click via online and social media advertising, which stands for  “only pay when your target group clicks on your ad”. In short: online and social media advertising are often cheaper and the return is higher.

You can adjust campaigns in real-time

When the flyer reaches the letterbox, it remains to be seen how people will react to this flyer. Often a few samples are taken to find out which flyer works best and it is then distributed to the entire target group. This is often the same online, but the advantage of online campaigns is that you can adjust the campaign almost any time.

What if you have an online ad that invites people to participate in a promotion, but after a week no one has clicked on your ad yet? You can then easily adjust and optimize this ad so that it will perform better. Unfortunately, this is not possible with offline flyers, because when the flyer is in the mailbox, it is difficult to visit everyone with a felt-tip pen a week later to adjust the flyer.

Target group address details “lie on the street”

When we look at offline direct mailings, you quickly run into the problem that you do not have a list of addresses of your target group. The only solution is often to buy an address list so that you can send your campaign out of there. However, you often run into the problem that address lists are outdated so that many addresses are no longer correct.

The advantage of online and social media advertising is that channels such as Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other channels already have the necessary data. “Data is on the street” which you can also use for free. So you do not have to invest in expensive mailing lists, but you can easily determine your target group online and activate the online campaigns from there. Or if you have a CRM with email addresses or telephone numbers, you can also reach your target group with a social media ad based on this information.

Reaching interested parties again

Whether you approach your target group offline or online, often not everyone immediately has the opportunity to actually take the time to delve into you. Just think of the people who hand out flyers outside and appeal to you. You take a moment to hear the story of these people and then you continue with what you were doing. After that, it is virtually impossible for the people who are flying to reach you again.

Suppose we do the same online now. We set up a campaign in which we draw your attention and you visit our website. Unfortunately, you are too busy and after a few minutes of orientation, you have to leave the website to continue with what you were doing. Thanks to remarketing, we can easily retrieve you again by showing an ad banner that we show for example via Facebook ( Facebook remarketing ) or, for example, via other websites where Google banners are displayed ( Google remarketing). By cleverly using remarketing campaigns, you can regain the attention of a visitor who was previously interested in you. An important tactic, because it would be a shame to invest money in gaining the attention of an interested target group and then losing it.

Do not throw with your eyes closed, but with laser precision

I already talked about advertising in the newspaper.  It is always difficult to estimate which people you will reach and how many people you will reach. I recently spoke to a company that informed me that they invest several thousand euros annually in newspaper advertisements but that they get almost nothing out of it. When I come up with the question: “How do you make the newspaper article measurable? Then comes the answer, “We don’t do that.” Of course, this is a missed opportunity, but offline advertising just gives you limited options to make it measurable and therefore often throwing your eyes closed, hoping that you hit something and that it will eventually yield something.

Online advertising offers you the opportunity to reach people with a laser focus. Just think of advertising based on demographic data, CRM data or remarketing. You invest in online and social media advertisements where you can target the advertisements and indicate who you want to reach and who you don’t. With a newspaper, flyer, billboard or other forms of offline advertising, it remains to be seen who sees the ad and what they will do with it.

The solution: go cross-media

If you are an advocate of offline marketing, I would like to ask you to sit in your chair for a while. Of course, I have put online marketing in the positive light, but that’s also because on the points I covered in this article, online marketing beats offline marketing. But as I advise almost everyone, you still have to deal with an offline and online target group today. And I also believe that in a few years there will come a point that people will become  “online tired”. Or perhaps that most companies stop offline marketing and only focus on online. When this happens, there will also be more room for offline marketing. Just think of the letterbox that is currently being attacked with many advertising newspapers, etc. Perhaps this will no longer be the case in a few years, which will make it easier for you to get attention again via the letterbox.

I myself am hired by various offline marketing agencies as an interim online marketing specialist or interim social media specialist to jointly set up cool cross-media campaigns. Maximum efficiency is achieved thanks to the collaboration of offline and online. During this time you will have to combine offline with online to reach your target group. If you do not do this, you will miss a large part of your target group.

Shall we set up a campaign together?

I am very curious about how you think about offline and online marketing. If you need help setting up a cross-media campaign and are you looking for an online marketing agency or social media agency? Click here to make an appointment for a free introductory meeting.

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