Why It Is Important to Appreciate Your Employees?


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Appreciating your employees enhances trust. Your business will suffer if employees do not trust you. Employees want to believe that their managers see them as human beings with their best interests in mind. According to a Globo force survey, 86% of employees felt they could trust managers who had shown them recognition in the previous month.

It increases productivity. Workers will work harder if they believe you care about them. Employees who are appreciated feel invested in the success of the company and will put forth a more calculated effort.

appreciating your employees

It reduces turnover. Hiring and onboarding a new employee takes time and money. Because recognizing employees can boost morale, you may be able to reduce employee turnover by demonstrating your appreciation.

It boosts brand reputation. People will find out if you treat your employees poorly in today’s age of online reviews and social media. You don’t want to be known as a bad organization. Furthermore, consumers prefer to support companies that treat their employees well, and qualified candidates are more likely to apply to work for those companies.

How Can You Appreciate Your Employees?

appreciation of employee

Use A Gamification System For Business

Each staff member could claim tasks of their choice and receive the associated point values upon completion.” Staff members could redeem these points at a corporate rewards portal for anything from extra vacation and work-from-home days to company-paid continuing education. It’s one thing to appreciate employees in your way, but the gamification platform we used allowed people to be appreciated in the way that was most meaningful to them.

Employees Should Be Able To Give And Receive Props

appreciating your employees

Appreciating your employees is very important and it should be done regularly. Accomplish this by allotting time at the end of the day every Friday to give props at our TGIF meeting. Anyone on the team can give ‘props’ to anyone else on the team, creating an environment of appreciation, respect, and teamwork. It’s a time to recognize coworkers in front of the group for their accomplishments and contributions that week, and to show them respect for working hard and accomplishing something great.”

Traditions Should Be Honored

Recognize your employees regularly if they consistently contribute excellent work. Make a monthly team-building or social event a tradition that everyone looks forward to. You can strengthen team bonds and reinforce a positive work environment regularly in addition to appreciating your employees.

Ignore Minor Errors

ignoring employee mistakes

Giving your employees leeway when they need it is sometimes the best way to show your appreciation. Allow them to try again if they make minor mistakes, such as missing a project deadline by a few hours or failing to complete a minor task. Using this approach shows that you value their efforts and that you trust them to do their best.

Provide A Financial Reward

Consider offering financial incentives to motivate employees to do their best. Begin by offering gift cards to local stores or coffee shops. Offer quarterly, annual, or project-based bonuses to team members who meet predefined goals or make the most significant contributions to recognize larger accomplishments.

Allow For Additional Vacation Time

Addition of vacations

Although most employees value monetary incentives, many also value intangible benefits such as additional vacation time. Consider giving top-performing employees a monthly afternoon off, or allowing select team members to work on a flexible schedule during a specific time frame. You can also demonstrate your appreciation by allowing employees to work remotely, which is a benefit that most industries highly value.

Employee appreciation is simple to demonstrate, and even small changes in your company culture to focus on recognizing your employees can significantly increase productivity. You will also retain your most skilled employees for a longer period, increasing the success of your business. Furthermore, it can reduce the amount of time you spend finding, hiring, and training new team members.



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