What is the importance of mobile insurance in today’s time?

Smartphones, once a mere luxury, have now become an indispensable part of an average Indian’s life. From internet banking to drafting essential documents, individuals heavily rely on their cell phones to perform multiple tasks, often simultaneously. Hence, it is crucial to avail a mobile insurance plan that provides coverage against theft or accidental damages to the device. 

Individuals can avoid inconveniences by merely applying for a mobile insurance plan online. For a better understanding of such policies, one must better know the unparalleled benefits of availing a phone insurance policy in India. Also, discussed below are some crucial requirements to avail a phone insurance policy, which consumers can benefit from when making a claim under the policy.

6 Key benefits of a mobile phone insurance plan

Availing cell phone coverage from a reputed mobile insurance company can provide several benefits, some of which are discussed below.

Protection against theft

No matter how careful an individual remains, it is often impossible to avoid theft. Losing a phone can be nothing short of leaving sensitive personal data open to misuse. Besides, the financial loss associated with a mobile phone theft is an equally significant setback. A mobile insurance plan is thus necessary as it can cover the charges of a new phone.

One can apply for an insurance product like the handheld tablet devices insurance policy that offers coverage against robbery alongside damage protection.

Screen damage cover

One of the most common damages caused to mobile phones is screen damage. In the absence of screen insurance, repairing a mobile screen can involve significant cost out of your pocket.

Thus, availing a suitable insurance plan can be the right resort. Like, the NBFC Bajaj Finserv brings the Mobile Screen Insurance coverage under its Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions at an affordable premium based on the handset price. Individuals can apply for this policy easily on the insurance aggregator’s official website.

Cover for water or liquid damage

Mobile phone users should buy mobile insurance policy online from a trustworthy financial service provider to cover accidental damage caused to the device due to water or any other liquid as well.

Coverage for high repair costs

Any damage to high-end mobiles such as Apple and Samsung models can incur expensive repairs. Opting for a mobile protection plan for such upmarket devices can thus offer coverage against accidental damage, breakdown, natural calamities, etc.

Protection against accidental breakdown

Breakdown of mobile hardware components or that of portable accessories like chargers can be a costly affair in the absence of a comprehensive mobile insurance policy.

Individuals can thus apply for affordable insurance policies like a mobile charger insurance plan. This particular insurance policy can be of great assistance during phone charges malfunction as a cell phone cannot function without the charger, which again is a costly accessory.

Cover for loss of mobile phone

In case one loses the mobile phone, he/she will not get any compensation under the manufacturer warranty. However, the individual can claim compensation based on the sum insured under a mobile protection plan.

Documents required to claim mobile insurance coverage benefits

Users must submit some documents to claim the sum insured under their mobile phone insurance plan. These documents include:

  • Original invoice of the phone
  • Insurance policy number
  • The serial number of the phone
  • The copy of the FIR, in the case of a lost or stolen mobile

One can easily initiate the insurance claim process at the insurer’s official website with minimum paperwork and in a short time.

With coverage benefits and more, it is the best interest of an individual to seek and apply for a suitable mobile insurance plan to avoid any hassle. One should also compare between several mobile insurance providers before investing in a protection plan to make an informed decision regarding policy purchase.

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