September 10, 2020

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What is the Future of 5G in the USA?

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In this world where people consider it almost impossible to live without their mobile phones, mobile phone industries are also making sure that people depend entirely on smartphones. They are developing new technologies every day so that no one can get out of this loophole of technology and be completely surrounded by it. The most advanced thing that has now been introduced in this world is 5G technology. An average person who doesn’t know much about smartphone technology will probably say that 5G technology is the follow-on technology to 4G LTE. This is not entirely true but also not inaccurate either. 5G technology is an advanced form of technology that is said to be life-changing and disruptive.

Different types of 5G:

There are various types of 5G technology that are going to be developed by various carriers. This technology is all about much larger slices of available spectrum and massive scaling capacity. when we define 5G spectrums it consists of four primary bands i.e. Low-band between 600–900MHz, Mid-band between 2.5–4.2GHz also known as Sub-6, frequencies above 24GHz, otherwise known as millimeter Wave or mm-Wave, and finally, what is called Unlicensed spectrum, that can be accessed for a variety of dedicated uses including 5G. When we talk about licensed spectrum, Low, Mid, and mm-Wave bands will be deployed by various carriers.

All 5G is not the same – Sub-6, mm-Wave, and Unlicensed Spectrum

Let us understand that all 5G is not the same and Low-band, Sub-6, and mm-Wave are different. At a high level, Low and Mid-band (Sub-6) 5G generally has longer reach and coverage, whereas mm-Wave offers higher capacity and faster multi-gigabit performance but needs a denser population of cellular base deployment. Regardless, the other intrinsic benefit of 5G technology, in general, is its latency. 5G can cover the promise of single-digit millisecond latency. And when it comes to next-generation 5G applications, latency will be critical.

5G could enable smart city infrastructure and truly autonomous driving

With the help of 5G technology, a myriad of IoT device technologies can be integrated inside devices to enable safer, more efficient smart transportation services. Traffic signals that communicate with vehicles and vehicles that not only communicate with each other but to “everything” around them. IoT devices will make sure that you have everything on your smartphone, and you won’t have to do any type of hard work but only smart work. It will help you do things from making a complete infrastructure of a whole city to driving your car by controlling it with the help of your smartphone repair.   

5G as a revolution:

People might not understand the importance of 5G smartphones, but they will completely change the experience of using a smartphone and serve as a revolution in the technology industry to make everyday tasks easier and fun for you. Your 5G data connection will make it easy for you to stream anywhere you want with the fastest speed. It will also help you control things that you never dreamed you will. as explained earlier you will be able to control your automobiles, your Wi-Fi networks, be able to keep your fitness tracks, and much more.

Who would have imagined such a drastic change? Doesn’t it all seem impossible? A few years ago, no one would have considered that this revolution would take place and we will witness such a big change in the technological world but now it all seems possible and Imaginable. Hoping to witness more technological revolution in the future and may we all use it to the best of our abilities.

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