April 19, 2020

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What is beautiful about Kalsubai Trek?

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Located in the Indian state of Maharashtra Kalsubai is a mountain in the Western Ghats. Situated at an altitude of 1646 meters (5400 feet) it is the highest summit in Maharashtra. Being the highest point in Maharashtra becomes the reason for its popularity and craze. It is located in the Kalsubai mountain range and is a famous trekking place visited by trekkers throughout the year. It is also known as the Everest of Maharashtra.

Why choose Kalsubai for your next Trek?

Nestled in the midst of forests and filed the trekking journey to the highest peak of Maharashtra is an enchanting experience for the people who love spending time with nature. The Kalsubai trek is a little challenging yet enjoyable for the trek enthusiasts. While trekking through the route you will get to see the amazing picturesque view of the surroundings and the mountain ranges like Kulang, Ratangad, Alang, Madangad in the southwest and Harishchandragad, Pabhargad and Ghanchakkar to the south. Hence the lush green surroundings, mighty mountain ranges, and trekking to the highest point of a state are some of triggering factors for the trekking enthusiasts to keep Kalsubai on their bucket list.

How to Reach the Base Village for the Kalsubai Trek

Bari is the base village, one can reach Bari by Igatpuri which the closest town to Bari situated at a distance of 40 Km from Bari. There is road connectivity between Bari and Igatpuri. So this is how you can reach the base village of Kalsubai trek. Bari is also famous for a Hanuman Temple and is a major landmark for the trekkers.

How Difficult is Kalsubai Trek?

If we have to measure the Kalsubai’s trekking difficulty it comes under moderately difficult treks. Kalsubai is not the right choice for the beginners, it is more popular among avid trekkers. The trekkers need to be careful of the rocky terrains, slopes, small streams, and highland apart from these you may also have to face the rain and wind making your trek a bit more challenging. But all these challenges and hardships will seem worthwhile once you reach the top of Kalsubai giving you a once in a lifetime experience and memories that you will cherish all your life. Once you reach the summit of Kalsubai you will see the majestic mountains, greenery, and water bodies and all this beautiful scenery will make you forget all the challenges you experienced during the trek.

Best time for Kalsubai Trek

There are basically 3 prominent times when you can visit Kalsubai one is between June to August i.e., monsoon trek, then from September to October if you want to experience the flower trek and if you want to go for a night trek then you can go between November to May. You can undertake either night or day trek depending on your preference. In the monsoon time, the camping becomes difficult due to heavy rains and strong winds that will blow the tent away. So now you can decide which time suits you the best for trekking in Kalsubai.

Kalsubai Trek Essentials

As the Kalsubai trek comes under moderately difficult treks it can be a little tiring so it is advisable to carry enough food and water to keep you energized. It is also important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the trek. Though there are snacks and tea stalls along the trail so there is nothing to worry much about the food. You should also carry the first aid kit for the unforeseen situation and also don’t forget to carry a raincoat if you are trekking in the monsoon. And the most essential thing for trekking is a pair of sturdy trekking shoes.

Trekking is a thrilling and fun-filled activity that one can enjoy with friends. The difficulty of treks varies. If you are a beginner then you must go for an easy trek that does not involve many hardships and you can undertake easily. Once you have become an avid trekker then you can raise your bar and opt for difficult terrains for trekking. Kalsubai is a great option for trekking in Maharashtra and every year a great number of people come for trekking in Kalsubai.

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