What Are The Best Tips For Email Marketing


Purchase post drip

Post-purchase drippy rarely sees these and I don’t know why. I think the post-purchase drip is just intelligent email marketing!

This is an email series that is not necessarily for sale but is sent as a general follow-up to the purchase.

Suppose I bought a new gadget for my kitchen. Intelligent email marketers can use automated email marketing to send emails (triggered by purchase) which both reinforces my decision to purchase and builds brand loyalty.

For example, an email gives me tips on how to clean and care for gadgets. The next email can be a recipe using the gadget … etc. From a sensitive standpoint it builds trust and joy with customers because you are already delivering value after the sale. Yet each of these emails still has the opportunity to sell and cross-sell. Learn more Email marketing 

 Connect-through-social campaigns

The Connect-to-Social campaign is a social campaign in which channels go from email to social media and back again via email.

It’s an email marketing campaign that tries to get people involved in their newsfeed. You have a lot of options with it from Facebook to Instagram.

Take the kitchen gadget, for example, a social media email marketing user can pin pictures of recipes made with the gadget on Pinterest, or post on Facebook, or tweet with a hashtag marketing possibilities are endless!

(For some great examples of Facebook contest promotions to inspire you, see Bishop)


The newsletter isn’t technically a “promotion” though, as it can run indefinitely, a newsletter or digest – something that keeps regular communication between you and your listing just smart email.

When you edit newsletters, they’re not sales pieces that your audience is likely to get tired of, but emails that can truly serve them – keeping them in the loop with product updates, educating them and even entertaining them.

Some of the most popular emails in the neighborhood are newsletters sent by brands such as Scheme. However it is not all paid for by you. Keeping your mind at the top, builds brand loyalty and provides content that can be shared which increases the potential of your audience.

Abandoned cart series

Abandoned cart emails can actually be a form of email marketing promotion.

Unlike other automated campaigns, these are not user-driven emails in this case by adding an item to a virtual shopping cart. These types of emails offer an incentive, such as, “Hey, you didn’t check out. There’s a 10% discount to encourage you to complete your purchase.”

This type of email series – such as Welcome Emails – tends to have very high opening rates and conversions. These are more sophisticated to start with, but everyone should have a radar to implement.

Promotion of re-engagement

Re-engagement campaign: Re-engagement campaign is a series of emails sent to inactive customers.

The slow rate of email listing is about 25-30% per year. It’s common, people change emails, companies change names – it’s part of the industry. A re-engagement campaign tries to combat this fact.

Suppose a part of your list has not opened an email in more than 6 months. Your re-engagement campaign is either an attempt to a) a) bring these subscribers back to the fold or b) determine if they can be re-engaged and if not clear your email list

Why remove them from your list? Because these are weights and not opening or engaging your emails they could potentially affect your reputation in the eyes of ISPs and therefore your retrieval rate

What to remember.

One thing we need to identify before you start implementing these campaigns is: there will be email marketing campaigns that need to be adjusted based on the recipient’s activity, otherwise you run the risk of becoming extremely annoying.

Here is an example: Suppose we are marketing a conference. We plan to send five emails to the conference to run our registration. Once a recipient is registered for the conference, we need to remove them from the list! We don’t want to continue sending them “registers” today! Emails are registered once, aren’t they? They have to go to a separate list, a list of registered attendees.

This caveat is not often applied, but I have seen people try to get a call up but when the messages do not stop after following their call to action, so be aware.

Remember, campaigns are rarely – if ever – one-time emails. Strategy, the possibility of multiple times in a regular manner, is a way to reach the customer or customers. So choose a campaign idea or a few of your own ideas wisely and get the email!

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