Ultimate Guide for Kudremukh Trek


Trek to Kudremukh – does one understand that square measures the foremost stunning and picturesque treks of Western Ghats? It’s the Kudremukh trek. It’s in Karnataka within the Chikmagalur district.

Most of the treks have picturesque and lovely sights; however, the views that you simply would encounter here aren’t quite familiar.

This trek isn’t super straightforward and totally on the moderate level, which will be completed throughout the weekend. The overall distance of the trek is around eighteen kms.

The trek path includes dark shoal forests, streams, misty valleys, plenty of crisp brown leaves fallen all over, very tall bamboo shrubs, new hills, and an airy atmosphere.

The scenery is thus pretty that it’ll keep you hooked throughout. The read becomes a lot of attention-grabbing and fascinating if you see some Sambhar cervid or the peacocks.

Trek to Kudremukh

The meaning of Kudremukh is a horse’s face in Kanarese. This name is given to the height due to its form. the height is genuinely within the Natural Reserve forest.

The trek is primarily a winter or the more relaxed month trek; thus, it’s suggested to travel on this trek throughout the months of winters or monsoons. you may have the simplest sights at that point.

Trek to Kudremukh

Necessary Details of the Trek

Highest Altitude of the trek –

The highest altitude of this trek is vi,207 feet.

Difficulty Level –

The difficulty level of the trek is moderate, and also the beginners may proceed with this trek with a small amount of help and knowledge regarding the place. The path is usually pleasing and a small amount painful that creates a lot of fun.

Trekking Distance –

The approximate distance of the trek is eighteen kms, and it’s appropriate enough to be completed in a very weekend.

Best Time to travel on the Kudremukh Trek –

The winters and also the monsoons square measure the most straightforward Time to visit on the Kudremukh trek. Throughout the summer months, the climate here is scorching and wet; thus, it’d not be excellent at that point to go to this trek.

Stick to the months from November to Gregorian calendar month and from Gregorian calendar month to August because the Kudremukh weather is the best throughout now.

Region –

Chikmagalur district in Karnataka

Number of Days for Trekking –

The trek distance is comparatively less around eighteen kms, and it may be completed in two days. So, this is often one in every of the simplest weekend appropriate treks.

ATM Points –

You will get the last ATM points until Kalasa, which is additionally the road that you simply would regard the trek.

Trail sort –

The path of the trek is superb and pretty. Principally you may encounter meadows and forest trails during this trek. The scenes square measure beautiful and whole definitely worth the problem.

How to Reach –

The trek starts from Bangalore. The space from Bangalore to Kudremukh is 333 kms, ANd it’d take a nightlong journey for this. The closest terminal to Kudremukh is the Mangalore terminal that’s a hundred thirty kms away.

And the Mangalore International flying field is the nearest flying field also. The closest city to the Kudremukh parkland is the Kalasa that is twenty kms away. This city is exceptionally well connected with the roadways of the Chikmagalur district.

Trek Details –

Here square measures the complete details of the trek. The trek would be of two days from Bangalore, and this is often the complete trek detail for the two days.

You have to begin from Bangalore on Friday night and reach Kalasa, so move forward for Kudremukh and begin the trek from the successive morning.

Day one – Trek to Kudremukh Peak

With the nightlong journey, you reach Karnataka, and also the lush inexperienced atmosphere welcomes you with open arms.

The Chikmagalur to Kudremukh route is one of the fanciest and prettiest ways to hide on a road trip.

You will be crossing the villages of occasional plantations and waterfalls, and this can offer tremendous off-roading expertise.

You will have AN early morning breakfast here and have superb native occasional. Post that, you simply can move for the Kudremukh peak hiking.

You will meet up with the tropical rain forests and conjointly through the streams. you may be passing to the ten water streams on the means.

The day would endwise a cheerful note with inhabitation, bonfire, superb dinner, and plenty of fun.

Day two – Explore and come back

On the second day, you may be crossing the streams once more and pay the day exploring the locality.

You will see plenty of occasional plantations all over, and also, the scene is sort of pretty. Post exploring; you may have some lunch and obtain back to the road trip to succeed in Bangalore.

Activities to try

1. Cross the Streams

In the Kudremukh trek path, you may be crossing plenty of water streams. This trek is blessed to possess tonnes of water streams, and you may pass all of them. They create the trek most stunningly.

2. Explore the occasional Plantations

Since the trek is within the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka, you may come across stunning rare plantations. The extraordinary estate’s square measure is pretty to see and conjointly you’ll be able to relish some native occasional, which is that the better part.

3. inhibition and Bonfire

Camping could be a fun activity to try and do at the Kudremukh trek. you may defray the night at the tents with the guy trekkers. Besides inhabitation, balefire activities with the guy trekkers are going to be conducted. Snacks ANd refreshments are going to be an add on to create the events attention-grabbing.

4. Hiking and Trekking

Of course, the critical activity that you only would be doing is trekking. You’d trek up to the hills to look at the Sunrise and conjointly trek close to the streams and waterfalls and different areas. The trek gradient, trail, and the problem is sort of straightforward to moderate, and even the beginners will opt for it.

5. Exploring and Crossing Waterfalls

You will cross plenty of waterfalls within the Kudremukh trek. The waterfalls square measure extremely pretty and create the trek less nerve-racking as you’ll be able to simply unwind from trekking and chill at the place. Kudremukh weather appears plenty pleasant close to the waterfalls.

6. Exploring the Natural Reserve Forest

The Kudremukh trek is placed within the Natural reserve Forest, and you furthermore may get the prospect to examine it whereas being here and trekking.

7. Have the mesmerizing read of the Sunset and also the Sunrise

The read of the Sunrise from Capitol Hill prime and also the read of the Sunset from the water streams could be a sight price catching whereas you’re at the Kudremukh trek. Kudremukh weather is superb throughout winters and sunrise appearance is the simplest throughout now.


The trekkers would defray the nights within the tents and luxuriate in the inhibition time. Kudremukh occupies the camps and is sort of fun throughout the monsoons, especially close to the waterfalls.


Transportation throughout the Kudremukh trek.

Camping instrumentation just like tents, sleeping baggage, and also the sleeping mats.

Guide, helper, cook, and also the different needed workers.

Forest entry charges and every one the mandatory charges and allow fees whereas occurring Kudremukh trek.

Meals and care kit, whereas being on the Kudremukh trek keeping the Kudremukh temperature in mind.

Mules and porters for carrying the inhabitation baggage of regarding ten kilos per person only the Kudremukh trek has started.

Mountaineering qualified and also the skilled trekker’s World Health Organization have ample information on the range of mountains camp and World Health Organization have the most uncomplicated Kudremukh trek reviews.

The first aid basic kit is offered for the trekkers beside the portal O. It’s essential throughout the range of mountain camp for the Kudremukh temperature.


Personal Expenses and conjointly the non-public porters for private use to hide the Kudremukh trek.

Transport to and from the start line.

Insurance of any kind for this Kudremukh trek route.

Personal trekking instrumentation.

Things to Carry

Backpack with all of your wants to cross this complete Kudremukh trek distance.

A rain cowl as a result of you can not predict the Kudremukh trek temperature.

Water bottles and every one your refreshments that embrace all forms of association packs that you favor.

Snacks just like the energy bars and also the supermolecule bars, which might offer you instant energy throughout the Kudremukh trek.

Personal Medical Kit with all the mandatory care things and medicines that you feel you may like. It’s continually better to require medication for giddiness, indigestion, headache, and cold and cough, whereas being in the range of mountains camps or anyplace.

Pack your outfits with all the relatable wear things like wind and waterproof jackets, t-shirts, track pants, thermal inners, trekking shoes, and fleece jackets—all the mandatory winter outfits for the winter treks.

All the toiletries merchandise in a very bag as a result of you may like them the foremost.

Also, don’t forget to require your additional accessories, just like the shades, caps, gloves, walking stick, torch, and similar different things.

You must avoid sports shoes, jeans, and shorts whereas about the range of mountain camps. It’s continually higher to stay in the trek pants and also the joggers.


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