May 4, 2020

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Top Destinations to Visit in Morocco on a Short Holiday Break

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Morocco is a wonderful and the most visited Holiday Destination on earth. I was thinking about the Short Break in Morocco and planning the places to visit, are you also interested to visit the same place? Let me tell you about the destinations you can visit in Morocco in a very short Break.

Top Best Destinations in Morocco to visit:

Here are the ideas to visit places in Morocco in your Short Breaks. You can take this blog as a suggestion and add the destination in your upcoming Holiday Plan.

Marrakech – The Red City of Morocco:


Marrakech is a red city of Morocco and often called as Mini Morocco because it imprints the whole image of glamorous Morocco. I visited Marrakech last year and found it a worthy place to visit it again. For the travelers going Marrakech for the first time, there are a lot of places to visit and things to do in the city. You may visit the very amazing Djema el Fna, the only central attraction of the city. We stayed in the Riad which was near to that Bazar so it was easy to access the place anytime.

You Should also visit the Bahia Palace, Koutoubia, Jardin Majorelle for getting more authentic and pleasing experiences. Take the opportunity to taste the most traditional dishes in the top-notch restaurants in Marrakech. The one we tried in Marrakech was the Café De France just in front of the Market Djema el Fna.

Tangier – The Edge point of Africa and Europe:


Tangier is a very interesting destination to visit in a short break to Morocco. You can enter to this city from Spain as Spain’s and Morocco’s Borders are touching and joined by the strait of Gibraltar. What you can do in a day visit to Tangier is a relevant question.

Well, visit the Caves of Hercules if you are with your family and kids are fond of the Cartoon Characters. You can also visit the Cape Spartel, a very lucky place where you can overview the beautiful views and soothe in the very refreshing air. American Museum or say the training center is also worth visiting. You should not miss this place especially. The American Museum will tell you about the history of US-Morocco relations. It has a long history, and Morocco was the first country in the globe that accepted America as a sovereign country in the world.

Agadir – The Best Beach Spot:


Agadir is considered as the best beach spot in the region and more visited holiday destination all year. This is an ideal place for you if you want a short Break and expect lots of pleasures from your that visit.

You should spend your ideal time on the beach of Agadir, which is all braced to give you the warm environs, and the beautiful, soothing beach experiences. You should also visit the Medina of Agadir, Agadir Birds valley with your kids and Souk el Had if you have to chop the vegetables and fruits for you.

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