Top 6 Effective Tips to Crack IIT JEE

There are only few months left for IIT JEE exam and you are stuck at home with nowhere else to go. So, you might be worried about your IIT JEE preparation

Those who are dreaming to pursue their engineering and medical through IITs need to clear the two toughest exams JEE Main & Advanced and NEET. The number of students appearing for these exams is increasing year by year as most of them want to complete their Engineering/Medical through reputed institutions.

JEE is considered to be the one of the toughest exams and requires a lot more attention and preparation techniques. If you have not started preparing yet and if you think you are little late for the preparation, you can always start your preparation from home via online coaching platforms.

Below are the few tips to prepare for IIT JEE 

Joint Entrance Exam also is known as JEE is a national level engineering exam. JEE consists of 2 papers JEE Main & Advanced. One must sit for JEE advanced only after clearing JEE Main. Below is the structure of the exam

JEE Main paper is of objective type and consists of questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. This paper is available in both online and offline modes

All the three subjects cover 30 questions from each which makes the total 90 questions

The whole exam is for 360 marks, each subject is of 120 marks and each question is of 4 marks.

Whereas the JEE advanced has two papers which are from the NCERT syllabus. These questions are bit difficult to solve and takes more time. One has to be quick and skillful to clear these papers.


Look for the online coaching platforms which offer NCERT coaching. When you are preparing for JEE Main, NCERT coaching will give you a core understanding of concepts. It is also known that a major part of the JEE (60-70%) exam is based on NCERT. 


You should be serious and curious enough to ask doubts when you are preparing. Look for the coaching platforms that give 24×7 doubt clarification. Asking doubts will help you get a clear idea about the concept. 

Multiple Solutions

Always find different ways to solve a single question instead of solving 100 questions on the same topic. There will be many ways to solve a mathematics question, try a different approach to solve the question because in the exam you will not be able to solve the question if you are stuck with a single method. Learning diverse ways to solve a question will save your time in the exam.


Always revise the topics. Revising a topic after studying it thoroughly. Don’t spend more time on revision and try to solve practice questions after you have done with the revision. This will help you assess your knowledge on that subject.

Manage your Time

Make better use of your time, no matter how many papers you solve if you don’t plan your time you won’t be able to complete the preparation in time. Split your time wisely and cover all the subjects including test papers and mock tests. 

 Solve Multiple Mock Tests

Online mock tests will help you analyze the questions or topics you are facing problems with. Try to give as many mock tests as you can and track your progress from time to time. Utilize these results to analyze yourself and work on the areas where you think you require more attention. Try to be choosy when you attempt the questions in the paper, always go with the low difficulty questions.

Below are few live learning platforms available online

Yupp Master





As the class 12th exams are going to over soon, you can think about taking your chances of the IIT JEE exam. Enroll to an IIT JEE crash course online and start preparing, since there are very few days left you to need to be aggressive about the preparation. The qualifying marks for JEE Main are around 85-90. So, keep up your preparation and give online mock tests until you get past that number.

“There is always time for learning, if you are wise enough to see it then you are only about halfway to reach your destination”.  

Follow the above-mentioned tips and with the help of the correct online teaching medium, you will definitely crack the IIT JEE. Happy learning…

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