November 19, 2020

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Things To Know About Spy Apps

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Hi Friends! Today we will see one more app called Tracking Smartphone. It’s a free remote monitoring app for Android it can be used as both remote control and anti-theft solution it’s the only free remote monitoring app that I am aware of there are many in the market: mSpy, Spy Human etcetera which all charge you from 30 to 60 dollars a month but this one is completely free. Before we start I would like to tell you that this article is only for educational purposes. Also, read about what is the AR zone app in Samsung mobiles.

Use of this app on any unauthorized phone is prohibited and make sure you use it only on your phone. you can use it on your kid’s phone to monitor online activity if you feel concerned about him or her and maybe on your phone or on your parent’s phone as an anti-theft solution. So you have to install this app on the target phone which you want to monitor remotely from this website. So you install the applet’s see what all it does: Get all the contacts list from the device, phone number, email ID, and name.

If a person has multiple phone numbers you get all of them on the website. You get the call and SMS logs. When the call was made when the phone received a call what SMS was sent or received all will be pulled and shown online on the website you can record audio or video. You can record audio from 20 seconds to 40 minutes it’s just like the remote call recorder we have as a similar app. You can even record a 20-second video from the front or back camera.

You can get the location every five minutes to 120minutes depending on how you configure or you can get the location instantly when you request. You can get the photos and videos from the gallery you get up to 20photos uploaded to your website whenever you make a request. You get the browser history as well, it was working in older phones now Google has stopped giving browser history so it might not work in the newer phones but the option is still there you get the call records as an mp3 file you can listen to all the call records made or received from the phone this call recorder doesn’t work in Android 10 as Google has removed call recording feature altogether. You can even get chat messages from Whatsapp Instagram and telegram and even messenger.

So you get all the incoming messages online when you pull and you can read what messages are being received by the device you can even remote control your mobile from this web site you can ring a loud siren suppose your mobile is lost somewhere or misplaced and the volume is very low you can ring a siren which will increase the volume to full and ring a loud siren. You can vibrate the phone. You can get the picture from the front or back camera to know who has it you can change the pin lock the screen and do much more we will see how it is done.

So to start with install the app on your device so I will jump directly to my device go to the tracking smartphone. com click on “Download Now” and click on the latest version12 which has the chat message features also that it will take you to media fire website you click on download once downloaded click on install so once it’s installed click on open allow permission. Accept the Terms of Use enter your email id click Next.

If the email ID is already registered it’ll ask you to enter the pin or if it’s a fresh registration then you have to enter the pin for the first time ok this it’s already registered so I’ll enter my pin it has registered now you have to enable device admin privilege if you want to use features like locking the screen or changing the pin right so I’ll enable it to activate and then allow the permission to read contacts, phone log, video, location, allow all the time, media, audio, Call and SMS, you can switch a notification off you want I’ll switch it off the notification is displayed whenever a command is sent from the website.

Enable draw or other apps is used for video shows the tracking smartphone is drawing over other apps so make sure you use video less. And finally for accessing chat messages it needs notification access so click on OK tracking smartphone to read chat messages so it’s at the bottom just visit settings to see to make sure everything you want is enabled so you can track location every five minutes to every 120 minutes depending on how frequently you want the app to capture the location you can enable track location so that it captures location every 15 minutes now it’s enabled except for the record call if you want record call features to be enabled then you have to enable this the app will also send you a picture from front camera when somebody tries to unlock your phone and fails three times you can configure the max number of unlock atom by default it’s three you can enable or disable this feature if you want to clear all the data stored in this app before it is transferred to the website then you can click on clear all data and if you want to delete this app altogether then you can hit the delete finally if you want to hide the icon which is most important you have to tap three button here at the top and click on hide icon app will get disabled after a few seconds now to bring back the app you have to press star six six six star and you will get that back and you have to authenticate with your PIN or password now let’s see how to control the mobile from website click on login your username and password and you will have the list of commands on the left and also on the top for quicker access see all the devices that you have the app installed on on to your left earlier it used to be IMEI number but now reading of IMEI number is disabled in Android 10 that’s why it’s a random unique number for your device you can execute command from here.

for example if I say location execute command it will send command request to the mobile we will the response in few seconds the device has to be online for this for it to receive the command and execute let’s click on location so you see the location is already captured by the device and it has already sent to the server so we can see here if you want to see the location google map you just have to tap on it it will show in google map you can request many other things you can get the list of application installed on the phone you can get contact list and execute all and see you can get gallery pictures videos call and SMS logs, browser history, device audio, device video, device details it’s already showing me what all apps installed on the phone it has already pulled and is showing now showing the latest app that is installed at the top and all the other apps along with the installed date you can export this as CSV if you want else you can delete all the list so it has already pulled all the contacts from device and it’s showing it here let’s see the device details.

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