My 1st trekking expertise, Kumara Parvatha Trek, Coorg


These words square measure, therefore, accurate and best describes my 1st trekking expertise, a post that I even have been indefatigably narrating the story to everybody. Click Kumara Parvatha trek to understand a lot of. Through this diary, I’m sharing my expertise of Kumara Parvatha trek.

I know several of you’d have abundant more massive adventures and trails; however, this one is for several like ME WHO continuously need to undertake one thing like this, however, way get the chance before. I hope this can inspire you to challenge yourself and check out our new adventures.

This is, however, it all started.

Trekking expertise to someplace referred to as Kumara Parvatha. However, her companion gave birth at the finish moment. Associate degree journey enthusiast & nature lover within ME started looking for some contemporary air and new expertise. So, while not knowing or thinking abundant, I offered to affix her. Being a travel blogger causes you to jump towards each chance that comes to your means.

The perplexity – to travel or not

A day once linguistic communication up, I received a message from Shabari, asking if I purchased the trip? She shared her apprehensions. Kumara Parvatha is one of the toughest treks in Karnataka, with around twenty-seven kms of walking in two days. and also the facilities provided were necessary. Should I give it a try or skip? Was it a massive dilemma? However, with some encouragement from my husband and not desperate to relinquish this new expertise, I decided to travel for it.

Facing the challenge

We started weaving our means through tangled roots projected from the soil-forming some stairs amid thick woods, the sound of crickets, and chirping of birds.  Panting all the time, I might feel my lungs increasing urgently to induce a lot of chemical elements. I had to prevent now so to catch up some breath, generally clicking images as an associate degree excuse. Our guide was certified and unbroken, motivating ME throughout.It was nearly Sunset; I used to be the last one to succeed in at the side of the guide, the remainder of the cluster was out of the location. Solely the vision of reaching and rejoicing at the height unbroken ME going.

Enjoy the tiny pleasures of Life.

That night we tended to camp close to the forest check post. We tend to learn the way to discover a camp, the way to chuck hygiene, and feast on the most simple meal offered. Disbursement an evening in the wild within a tiny low tent wrapped in our sleeping luggage, enclosed by strange noises and darkness still enjoying our occasional check chatting, was unforgettable expertise. Generally, candid moments leave such a lasting impression on your mind.And the struggle continues.

We tend to have to climb seven kms up to succeed in the height and descend fourteen kms right down to the city. At 3.45 am, once we have our sleeping luggage and tents at the forest stop, we tend to start walking through the path. The advantage now was that we tend to carry a smaller backpack with only breakfast, water, and medicines that made walking abundant easier. Soon I followed Shabari’s recommendation not to stop; however, keep walking, notwithstanding it’s very slow-paced, and it helped. Creating our means through wet meadows and rocks within the dark, we tend unbroken walking ahead. Only before, the sunrise was a surreal moment. The sky was glowing within the reminder pink, purple, orange, and blue, robust wind passing through the grass, creating a peculiar sound. It had been like finding yourself during a heavenly place with clouds floating over the infinite stretches of lush inexperienced meadows. I felt a robust urge to sit there and begin writing. however, we tend to have the target to attain; therefore, we tend unbroken moving. The remainder of the parcel was steep and uneven. However, the cold and misty weather helped the United States.

The last mile is the toughest one.

Usually, walking the walk before reaching your final goal is the toughest one. This was no exception; it had been misty and windy at some stage; however, the instant we reached Sheesh Parvatha (the 1st peak), it started descending slowly. The next stretch was through thick rain forest choked with leeches. Rain and also the nonvascular plant created everything, even a lot of slippery and dangerous. In times like this, you recognize what focus and concentration very suggest. We tend to crawl our means through boulders of rocks.

Eureka Moment: Reaching the highest

Somehow fighting our fatigue and effort in the rain, we tend to create it to the height finally. An instant of relief and joy after you suddenly begin feeling weightless and alleviated by constructing it to the highest. Though it had been descending, therefore, demanding that we tend to couldn’t see something from the height, however, like somebody said, it’s all regarding the journey and not the destination.

The Descend

Reaching through the highest was challenging; however, I won’t say down was any more comfortable. Of course, it appeared straightforward at first as a result of high spirits of achieving one thing like this washed down all the fatigue. However, ultimately descend is the one that is a lot of damaging for your feet and knees. The jerk on the knee anytime you return down is painful. Finally, before my feet give up, we tend to create it back in the city. One factor that happened, whereas coming back down was, we tend to encounter such a large amount of parasites that we tend to lose the worry of them and way care abundant regarding one or two projects to the United States.

So that was it, a troublesome, terribly enriching experience wherever I discovered not solely the Brobdingnagian treasure of nature, however additionally myself.

Here square measures some helpful tips if you’re going to strive any journey for the first time.

Useful Tips for 1st-time trekkers

Be Physically and Mentally prepared: I assume this is often the foremost vital tip. As long as you’re able to face challenges, it all becomes a touch easier. Being physically matched is equally critical, I believe my daily walks helped ME to associate to an extent.

Carry all the essential gears: Invest in smart trekking gears and different necessities that you will want throughout the trek. In my next diary, I’ll share the listing for the 1st timer.

Keep yourself hydrous: It’s very vital to {stay} drinkable and stay hydrated to avoid fatigue and dehydration.

Carry enough energy bars and electrolytes: Energy bars and electrolytes return handy. You’ll be able to munch on them whereas walking and that they additionally distract you from all the fatigue a minimum of a few times.

Travel low-cal, carry solely what’s necessary: the lighter your bag is, the more comfortable it’s to steer. however, guarantee to not miss out on necessities

Keep your toenails as short as possible: a tiny low factor that I neglected and landed up painting my nails.

Slow down, however, ne’er stop: As my friend suggested, keep walking, travel is additionally beautiful; however, don’t stop. It takes all a lot of efforts to start once more

The goal is to succeed in the finishing line, whereas having fun all the way: keep in mind your goal isn’t to be the primary one to succeed in, however, to challenge yourself to succeed in the line at constant time fancy the hidden great thing about mother nature.

Enjoy at your own pace: fancy the ME time, the silence, and surroundings. Don’t rush; follow your own pace.

Respect nature and your surroundings: It’s heartbreaking to search out items of plastic luggage and bottles even at such distant places. It’s vital to consciously build an attempt to safeguard the environment and to not even the smallest of plastic or the other waste material.

I hope this was useful. Do share your demanding and unforgettable adventures!

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