November 19, 2020

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Is Wearing A Mask Safeguarding you from Corona Virus

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Face masks have been around us for so many years. Earlier doctors or surgeons used to wear face masks while performing a medical treatment but since March 2020 each person is wearing face masks for their and others’ safety. What made people wear face masks in march? The answer to this question is the COVID-19 outbreak around the world. One of the deadliest and dangerous diseases in the world as of now has locked everyone inside their homes for months and created a lot of financial and physical problems for people, the economy, and the world itself.

 Covid-19 is a respiratory virus that enters one’s body through the nose and mouth, so it is better to cover them up to stop the spread of this deadly virus. The market is full of face masks ad covers which ensure that they will protect you and other people around you. Medical products like face masks are one of the topmost essentials in today’s world. Some people used to wear a face mask for pollution but now people use face masks to cut off the spread of COVID-19. The market has used and thrown face masks, N95, and other face masks which ensure your safety. If you want to stay away from the virus keep wearing your face mask wherever you go outside.

 It is in your hands how much you want to save the world. Wear your face mask daily along with rubber gloves for extra safety and then step outside. By following these small measures one can stop viruses from spreading rapidly.

Reasons why you should wear a mask:

 There are so many reasons for wearing a face mask. The first one is to stop the spreading of COVID-19, to keep yourself and your family safe from various viruses. If you are someone who is already suffering from some respiratory disease then a face mask is a must.

1. To stop the spread of the virus: It is one of the main causes why one should wear a face mask, to stop the outbreak of COVID-19. As most people are aware of the fact that it is a very dangerous virus, if neglected it can also lead to death. Nearly thousands of people have lost their lives because of this dangerous virus. By wearing a face mask you can save your life and of people whom you care about.  Buy medical products online and avail good deals. One can also place an order for face masks online and can order them at affordable prices.

2. For protection: This reason is also very important to consider that one should wear a face mask to protect themselves and other people around them. If you wear a face mask properly you can prevent the virus from getting inside your body. Because the virus enters from the mouth or nose and touches as well. One should keep at least a 6ft distance from every person he or she meets along with face masks and gloves. There is no use in wearing a mask if you don’t maintain the distance while you are out. So always wear a face mask and maintain the above-mentioned distance.

3. Improves hygiene: People have been wearing face masks for a very long time to avoid germs and bacteria. Face masks also improve your hygiene because you stay out of germs and bacteria as well. The layers of the face mask stop unwanted dust and particulars to stay away from entering your mouth and nose. And because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become a law to cover your face with a face mask wherever you go outside for safety purposes. With the help of the internet, one can order home medical supplies online and stay away from the virus.

Steps one should follow while wearing a face mask:

 The steps are quite simple and easy; let us have a look at them.

●      Wash your hands with soap or hand wash.

●      Take your face mask and put the loops behind your ears.

●      Make sure that the face mask has covered your nose and mouth.

●      Check whether you can breathe with ease or not and you are all good to go.

An easy and simple way to clean your face mask:

 There are two types of face masks reusable and one-time usable. Surgical masks are of one time use because you throw them after you use them, proper disorganization should be done. One can wash or clean their cloth or N95 face mask very easily. For that, you have to wash it up with soap in lukewarm or hot water and for N95 one has to clean it up with a wet cloth.


 Always try to wear your face masks wherever you go outside. Keep yourself and your loved ones away from the COVID-19 virus. Order medical products online and get your face masks delivered at your doorstep. With increasing digitalization, it has become much easier to buy home medical supplies online.

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