September 10, 2020

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Is Apple going to make iPhones Forever? What’s Next?

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Being the biggest company in the world Apple does not always function as people expect it does. There are certain Ups and downs in the business world and Apple isn’t prone to it. Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook himself said that there has been a pause in purchases of iPhones because there are early and future reports about the future iPhones.

There is undoubtedly no scam in this news because when a product you know is going to be better and updated in a few months then why would you buy its previous Version. This is the reason why Apple is facing a decline in its purchases. on the other hand, this is the reason why Apple has been launching new and upgraded products every year.

Complete dependency on iPhones:

It has been a word in the market that Apple company solely relies on its iPhones for yearly revenue. There hasn’t been a thing more demand worthy or revenue-generating that Apple has created over the past years but only it’s iPhones.

Come the company’s financial performance is heavily reliant on its Production of iPhones and that is the reason the owners themselves are getting worried about what might they do if they run out of ideas for iPhones. There have been some introductions of new devices, but they weren’t enough to make up the revenue that iPhones provide every year.

There has been a production of Macbooks and Apple Watches and people bought them. but they Couldn’t compete with iPhones on that level.

Certain reports from the technological industry suggest that the next iPhone that will be launched will be a significant step forward; it will have features like wireless charging,3D facial recognition, and a curved display. as great as this upgrade is going to be the iPhones have ceased to be game-changers as they were before. A decade ago, when the original iPhone, iPod, and iPads were introduced they were considered a big team but now is not the same case. It is predicted that people will soon get tired of them. This is not just the case with iPhones but with all the manufacturing companies. Apple, Samsung, and other companies need to expand their smartphone sector but there have been so many technological advancements in the smartphone sector that it seems impossible now to upgrade them more. Manufacturing companies are looking for some changes that can be game-changing so that they can up their game with their smartphones again. There have been rumors that companies like Apple and Samsung will buy other companies with cash in the future to stay in business. the candidates are Netflix, Walt Disney, Hulu etc.

More technological advancement:

Those days aren’t far when Apple will transfer its technology to driverless and electric vehicles. There have been rumors that Apple is already working on an electrical vehicle and might introduce it in the upcoming years to still stay number one and relevant. There have been more rumors that Apple might bring its technology closer to our everyday lives by IoT. it might be through a car or by turning its headphones into health monitors etc. so that people won’t have to buy several devices but just one that can cater to all their needs. whatever it is going to be we might find out in the future what Apple is planning and might be stunned with the advancement it will put forth in our lives.

Mobile phones have certainly become a part of our everyday lives and people might not stop getting them any soon. The important thing is that one must stay upgraded and relevant to be number one in the marketplace. Whatever the plan is Apple knows how to stay in business and relevant as well. The production of iPhones will keep on going as people will buy smartphones for their everyday needs, but Apple is making technological advancements In order to generate more revenue as the iPhone used to do.

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