August 31, 2020

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Insights from an IT-based company in Dubai

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For the past decade, Dubai has been marked as the hub for technological advancement and inclusive innovation. The proficient machinery innovation and quick velocity of globalization have brought big changes in infrastructure, social, economic, and environmental structures. IT has continued to influence our lives and even the scope of businesses with life-turning evolutions and impeccable trilling opportunities. Dubai has always supported the business sectors and has encouraged them by removing all sorts of indirect taxes. However, they are required to pay the VAT tax which ultimately comes from the consumers. Hence, Dubai takes pride in stepping ahead to provide an exceptionally smooth market with strong rules and regulations.

Opportunities for Information Technology (IT) Companies

Dubai has shown rapid growth towards adopting the latest technological platforms for emerging out as a smart city and has managed to outshine other competitive markets with its progressive approach to technological expansion. Even the government sector has proudly implemented the computerized systems in their operations. It has not only increased efficiency but has also made its process fully digitally integrated. Moreover, Dubai also provides many investment opportunities to the IT segment, and this is the reason why many large enterprises have opened their subsidiaries over there also. With all these lucrative opportunities, the formation of an IT-based company in Dubai seems to have quiet potential, especially for startups, and many foreign investors have shown keen interest in forming a company in the UAE.

Formation of a Tech-Based Company in Dubai

According to the sources, almost 2.5 million of the series of investments in Dubai have been made by tech startups. The following are the steps for a business setup of companies in Dubai.

According to the legal registration of a company in UAE, it is essential to find a local sponsor, national partner, or an Emirati partner for the formation of your business. As by the company act of ordinance, the mainland company is required to have a local partner comprising 51% of the share. Moreover, if you are looking for a sponsor, then a company must pay a fee for return. A foreign company can start a free zone company in case they want to start with 100% ownership. However, for working in mainland areas, the tech company is required to get registered with the help of sponsors. Many consultancies firms have emerged these days providing expert consultancies to all the newbies in the market. They will be responsible for the license approval and filing of legal tax work. Thus, it is really important to find an accurate consultancy firm that can help you with accurate knowledge. Apart from that, now companies have accepted the process of division of labor. Instead of going through the hassle of looking for new IT interventions, companies can now outsource this to any information technology consultancy in Dubai that provides professional services to cater to all the IT base needs of any firm. They equip them with advanced strategic tactics and offer different options according to the criteria of any firm. A good IT company can provide the following services:

  • Networking, cloud computing, and programming
  • Big data, Data recovery, and data management
  • Website development and design
  • Business intelligence
  • Digital and Analytics Services
  • Cybersecurity and system management

 Why Invest in an IT-based Company in Dubai?

So, these superior facilities have doubled the level of productivity for many firms. Investing in technology does not only save a lot of your precious time but also enhances quality through the help of artificial intelligence. Additionally, it also makes communication among employees consistent and improves work engagement among staff.

Moreover, now with the help of machine learning, you can deduce the behavior of consumers, and the algorithms allow accurate results for making complex decision making. It also can create Chabot, which can attract a younger audience, and according to the latest reports, the Chabot market is expected to reach $1.23 billion globally by 2025. Not only this but investing in technology security is also beneficial now as a data breach can be dangerous for employees and consumers. Hence, investing in the right direction can save from unauthorized access of any potential threat.

Therefore, investing in technology will not only bring favorable opportunities for the present but will also allow preferable prospects for your future.

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