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How VPS Argentina is better than Shared Hosting for eCommerce Businesses?

How VPS Argentina is better than Shared Hosting for eCommerce Businesses?

If you are into eCommerce business but you are unsure of your web hosting decision then this article is probably for you. In Argentina, the eCommerce business is at its peak because everybody is drifting towards the online platform as it is more convenient. Day-by-day, the traffic is increasing which automatically demands better technology and services from the eCommerce owners.

To conquer this, VPS Argentina can be a very good choice. VPS hosting is a platform on which you’ll get an isolated hosting environment. There will be other clients as well, on the same server, but they’ll be separated from your work by a virtual layer called ‘hypervisor’. VPS Hosting in Argentina helps eCommerce businesses in achieving advanced security and superfast speed. 

This is not the case when you opt for a shared server. In a shared server, there is one physical server, handling 100s of clients without any separation. To know everything in detail, keep on reading.

Drawbacks of Shared Hosting

Numerous hosting providers will promise the stars to you just to sign you up with them. They will say all the good things like unlimited resources and what not. This is not possible in a hosting package where you will get unlimited resources. There is always a certain limit.

If you opt for a shared server, there is a possibility that you’ll face problems like data breach, unwanted activities and what not. This is because of the basic functioning of a shared server. Shared server has one physical server on which there are 100s of other clients with no work separation. So, there are chances of other clients hampering your performance.

VPS Argentina: Best for eCommerce platforms

Everyone respects money in their own kind of way. No one wants to pay extra money where it is not necessary. It is important for business owners to make the right decisions initially so they don’t need to face the consequences. VPS Argentina is one of the first right decisions that you can make if you are owning an eCommerce website.

eCommerce websites grow exponentially and you need something to cater that growth. What is better than a VPS server from Serverwala in Argentina to handle your growth? In a cheap cost, VPS hosting will provide you an isolated hosting environment so no other client can hamper your growth.

Benefits of VPS Hosting Argentina

Benefits of VPS Argentina for businesses

The most important benefit of a VPS is that you get an absolutely isolated environment for hosting plus dedicated resources. This statement is just a headline of all the benefits. The benefits are:


You’ll get complete isolation from other clients on the same server. No matter whatever they are doing or not, your performance will not be hampered by any means. The most ergonomic feature of VPS Hosting Argentina is that if the website of your neighbor crashes, don’t worry! Your website will not be affected.


By now, you know that working space in Argentina VPS is separated by the hypervisor. So, it concludes that whatever your neighbor is doing, won’t hamper the speed of your website. Whatever speed is guaranteed to you, will be intact regardless of your neighbors.


While hosting from a shared server, frequent glitches are very normal. But with VPS Hosting you will not experience such glitches because of the dedicated resources for every client.


Shared hosting providers claim various things which are actually twisted in reality. They will claim unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and whatnot but it is not the reality. If we talk about VPS Argentina, it is not the case. You’ll get whatever you are promised, be it space, bandwidth, etc.

Root control

Root access is very important if you want to be technically independent and be the boss of what you’ve paid for. Shared hosting doesn’t provide root access but with VPS in Argentina you will be getting root access. It is comparatively cheaper than a dedicated server but exponentially better than a shared hosting plan.

Serverwala VPS Argentina: Best choice for eCommerce

Serverwala VPS Hosting in Argentina

Serverwala VPS in Argentina could be the best decision for your eCommerce website. It has some robust and amazing features that I’ve listed below:

Control panel

It’s up to you what type of control panel you want for your website. You have the option to choose from cPanel, Plesk, etc. according to your preference.

OS option

The above point goes for the operating system too. You can list down your preferences and server needs and then you can choose from various OS (operating systems) out in the market.


Serverwala caters robust hardware so that your website performance is not hampered by any means. Serverwala has commercial hardware for robust outcomes.

Free transfer

If your website is migrating to VPS Argentina by Serverwala, it will be done by skilled technicians without downtime. Not only is the uptime a perk, but it will also be done free of cost. Yes! Free.


The management of servers from Serverwala comes at no cost. It means you don’t have to pay extra money for maintenance.

Root access 

In every eCommerce site, access is a must. With Serverwala VPS Hosting in Argentina, you’ll get full root access. You’ll have complete authority over your server.


Easy to use and interactive dashboard is a must because it is the place from where all the management of the working environment is done. Management of resources like updates, memory usage is done under the dashboard.

Unlimited web hosting

You can host as many websites as you can when you choose Serverwala as your VPS Provider in Argentina.

Early setup

Once you make the payment, the process of account setup starts. Serverwala doesn’t delay the account setup. Payment done means; setup done.


Serverwala has collaborated with big bulls of the web industry. It means there will not be any glitch possibility due to such good brands.

Summing Up

Serverwala’s VPS Argentina can prove to be the best option for hosting websites that are expecting high amounts of traffic on their website. You’ll get a dedicated space for hosting if you opt a VPS plan over the shared one. Shared hosting might be a little cheaper when compared to a VPS plan but when we talk about specifications VPS is far better from a shared server. So, I hope the fog is cleared from your mind and you’ve made a decision by now. VPS can be a boon for you if you use it correctly.

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