October 30, 2020

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How to use the BBB logo to Promote Your Company

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BBB’s are required annually to share with BBB Accredited Businesses about the guidelines of using BBB logo. Listed here will be the total instructions and guidelines for use.
Advertising BBB Accreditation

BBB Accredited Businesses may advertise from the offline advertising network described below within the service area of the BBB where they are licensed.

System-wide Accredited Businesses can promote certification in the geographical service area of each BBB in which the business maintains a spot.

An Accredited Business using just one location will display the seal anywhere it does business. An Accredited Business that’s physical locations in additional BBB’s service areas is confined to advertising its BBB Accreditation into the BBB service areas at which it is accredited.

Advertising BBB Rating

Even the BBB rating could be promoted in the very same media recorded previously, however, not in directory publications (e.g., publications with business listings such as the Yellow Pages) unless the directory advertisements can be immediately revised if the BBB rating changes.

BBB Dynamic Seal on your Institution’s Website

Accredited Businesses may make use of the BBB Dynamic Seal on their company website, societal networking sites or at which it advertises. The dynamic seal will link into the BBB Business Review of where the business is headquartered or, at which their internet operations have been established. The seal may also be used from the signature block of email correspondence using a hyperlink into the organizations BBB Business Review. Even the Accredited Business may also, at its option, say”BBB Accredited Business” or market its BBB rating on its website or sites where it advertises, as long as the site might be immediately revised should the BBB rating change and as long as the usage does not imply that the accreditation or rating applies to some other business or entity.


BBB Accredited Businesses with a website or social websites site, pay the $50 licensing fee (included in BBB dues) in order to make use of the energetic seal.
Advertising sites include an Accredited Firms social media platforms such as LinkedIn and face book pages.
A franchisor’s accreditation doesn’t pay its own franchisees. Each franchisee needs to acquire certification through its regional BBB. A franchisor’s website might not fool a customer that franchisees are accredited if they haven’t obtained separate accreditation.
Strategy of seal delivery: BBB’s shall use best efforts to dynamically deliver the approved Accredited Business seals. Dynamically-delivered seals”Click Review” adjoining to the varnish. Next to the seal was interpreted to add over the reverse side of this seal.
Seals that are not dynamically delivered must also hyper link to the companies BBB Business Review and shall also consist of “Click for Inspection”.
An Accredited Business isn’t permitted to reference BBB in commercial advertising or similar promotions in such ways as to state or imply that the product or service is endorsed or preferred from BBB.

An Accredited Business isn’t licensed to use the”begin with Trust” service markers under any given circumstances.

If you are not sure when you’ve paid the permit fee to make use of the dynamic seal, please contact our certification department at 800-362-0494 x-100 or email.

Ask A Quotation Buttons

BBB can refer leads from customers directly to a business during our Request a Quote program. Consumers may request a quotation out of some other BBB Accredited Business directly from their BBB Business Review or through the energetic request a quote button onto your company’s website or societal media sites.

Customer Review Button

BBB now instills consumer reviews on companies. Consumers can leave favorable, neutral or negative reivews about all businesses. To help support your clients to file a review BBB recommends you utilize the”submit a review” button onto your companies website or social media sites.

Accredited Charity Seal

Better Business Bureaus can, at their option, provide BBB Accredited Charity Seal to local charities located within their geographical service regions. (e.g., local charities that solicit on the BBB service area, however, not on a federal basis).


in the seal, program must be assessed against the full set of BBB Wise Giving Alliance (BBB WGA) standards that are now in effect and must meet all of those standards.
Charities that meet the full collection of BBB WGA Standards are called BBB Accredited Charities.
A participating BBB might offer, but can’t require, an Accredited Charity to make an application for a license to use the BBB Accredited Charity seal.
A local Accredited Charity trying to use the BBB Accredited Charity Seal shall have to register a licensing agreement with the BBB.
Any fee charged to charities for use of this seal is going to be determined by the board of each and every BBB engaging in the program.

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