How to Choose Your French Bulldog

Before you go headlong into the breeders’ sites or Le Bon Coin, ask yourself 5 minutes to ask yourself what you really want as a bulldog. And how to choose it right.

Because you will see in this article that adopting a male or a female, choosing a French bulldog puppy or adult, etc. are components that can upset the course of your next 10 years!

And depending on your situation (children or not, apartment or house, lifestyle, etc.), you will not necessarily look for the same characteristics in your French bulldog.

  1. Colour

There are 4 types of dress colour among French Bulldogs: quail (white), black, tawny (brown) and finally the last and, much rarer, the blue dress (which is actually an intense grey).

These colours can blend with each other (for example, the bringée dress that gives an almost tiger look) and give unique dresses each time.

The choice of the colour of the dress is just a matter of taste because know that it does not influence the personality or behaviour of the bulldog.

Portrait of a golden retriever

  1. Gender

Then comes the time of choice between male or female, and this choice is extremely important! Take a few minutes, see a day or two to think about it. Basically, to make you a quick picture of the differences between male and female for a French bulldog, think of a primary school class. You see the boys running around, jostling in all directions and the girls on the other side drawing in chalk. It’s a bit like that for bulldogs too.

Of course, I caricature a little, and their differences will not prevent them from playing together or even reversing their roles! These behavioural differences are not fixed and each dog will have a personality of its own.

It should also be noted that the prices of French bulldog puppies vary according to their sex. Females are always sold more expensive than males. (see article: Where to buy a French Bulldog)

  1. Age

Then one criterion you might not have thought of is age!

There is no requirement to adopt a puppy from an early age. OK, French bulldog puppies are really plush adorable but have you ever wondered the benefits of adopting an adult bulldog?

  • This saves you 1 year of intensive education
  • So, it saves you shoes destroyed, remote controls chewed and another rejoicing. Bulldogs are calmer in adulthood.
  • You don’t have to teach him how to pee on the newspaper. It’s already a long way for him, he’ll be clean already!
  • Adopting an adult bulldog is often a paltry sum compared to a puppy
  • You’re doing a nice thing! For me, there is nothing more beautiful than offering a new and better life to a dog that has been abandoned!

Finally, beyond the question of sex, the colour of her dress or age, one last question remains:


  1. Which dog to choose in a litter?

Which one to choose when there are more than one? In the same scope, for example. He often chooses you! 

There will always be one who will be very curious about you, or more playful with you than another. That’s the one we’re going to have to take! That’s my advice! What for? For he has no fear in him and he is open to interaction with you. So, he’s, as they say, “good in his sneakers.”

Avoid choosing the one that stays alone in your corner despite your presence even if it looks cuter. Because you would take the risk of having some surprises on the character.

How I chose my French bulldog

For my part, I think a female French Bulldog. For reasons of a small apartment, I needed a bulldog that is as small as possible and as quickly dresses able. My dog, Sacha, is now 3 years old and is still not sterilized. So, I have the pleasure of choosing lingerie.

Its heats are a long time but it is only the price to pay to have a dog so easy to live every day that I do not regret my choice. My previous dogs all came from shelters. So, I was tempted by the experience of acquiring a dog from an early age.

It’s quail and black. The colour did not really matter to me because as I explain in the article where to find a French bulldog, I thing it on budget and not physical. Finally, it was the last of its scope not to be adopted. All I had left was this choice of puppy.

She looked scared at first, which worried me then we had good contacts and good play moments. This reassured me and decided to take her home. And as a diagram is always better than a long speech, I made you a summary chart to help you understand the differences between males and females in French bulldogs.

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