How To Choose The Best Security Camera System For Your Property


Security cameras have now emerged as an efficient way to keep an eye on your property. Although there is a long list of types to choose from, it is common for buyers to look into a cost-effective yet reliable option.

Look no further!

Here we have summarized reviews about different types of security cameras that are suited for a variety of situations and how you can choose the best one for yourself. Other than that we compared Reolink vs Amcrest camera’s to help you find the best.

Is a Security Camera Really Important?

Most CCTV security cameras are simple devices that work on the plug and play setup. They are convenient for high-quality video feed and remote access on computers and mobile apps.

Other advantages of installing a security camera are:

  • Allows for live video viewing.
  • Convenient video footage retrieval.
  • Mobile notifications when motion is detected.
  • 3-year warranty.

These are common features you will get to enjoy when using a CCTV security system. The additional capabilities will vary depending on the camera you choose. However, all of them provide good connectivity and easy access.

Understanding Your Options: Different Professional-Grade CCTV Cameras

Nowadays, security cameras are majorly available with three different technologies.

Analog CCTV Cameras

Traditional analog surveillance cameras come with round BNC connections. They transmit the video feed via coax cable. A DVR then converts the analog videos to a digital form that you can access over the internet. The only drawback is that zoom capability is very poor. The videos get pixelated and lose clarity.

Nonetheless, analog cameras are a perfect low-cost solution. They can not be compared, in terms of features, with the ultra-HD security cameras but are still widely used in a number of surveillance applications.

HD Security Cameras

Although HD security cameras operate using the same RG59 Siamese cable that is employed in analog cameras, they deliver more clarity and superior quality as compared to the later. In fact, these can produce as clear as 1080p images up to 4 MP.

Security cameras with better zooming capacity are ideal since they allow for the identification of faces and objects. This is a great upgrade from the previous analog system as you would not need to invest in an extra sable for the new system. Installation is also simple and straightforward.

IP Security Cameras

IP cameras are mostly used as a surveillance system in businesses. They are the highest resolution cameras available so far with an 8-megapixel image sensor that can record 4K Ultra HD footage.

IP security cameras are powered via ethernet cable or switch so there is no need to look for an additional power source. A simple connection allows IP cameras to be used effectively without any hassle. In order for best performance of security cameras choose the best routers. For the purpose, I compared Netgear r7000 vs r8000. So, you can choose the right one.

How To Choose The Right Security Camera System?

There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration before choosing a security camera. You will probably ask yourself a few of the following questions:

“What kind of security camera system am I looking for?”

“How many cameras will I need to provide sufficient coverage?”

“Is my location suitable for wired cameras?”

…and most importantly,

“What is my budget?” Finding a security camera that matches all your needs is not an easy task. However, according to expert recommendations, it is best to opt for high-resolution analog cameras if you were looking for a cost-effective solution. HD coax cable cameras are a smarter choice is the aim is to obtain sharper images. Last but not the least, IP security cameras are the best possible system available. It might seem like the most expensive alternative but it is easier to install and supports better quality as compared to the two other cam

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