November 18, 2020

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How to activate iOS device without Sim card

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You will find out that iPhone is a great device if you have ever owned one and most users love this device simply because of its security. However, there is probability that you may be faced with activation issue and today we will be teaching you the three (3) basic method you can use to activate your iPhone or iPad without a sim card.

However, you will have to read the complete article in order to select the method you will like to use.

Since you’re a regular apple device user, you will understand that some problems may result in a new iPhone being locked to an unwanted network carrier. So activating your smartphone sounds pretty good without a sim card.

How to activate an iOS device without a sim card

Below are 3 ways you can use and these are the perfect solution to the issue at hand, so feel free to read to the end and choose the one you prefer the most.   

1. Using iTunes on a computer

The very first method you can think of to unlock your iPhone without sim is with the use of iTunes, the software is certainly designed to accomplish such task as it is the right strategy and fastest way to activate iOS smartphone.

Follow the procedures below promptly;

  • Install iTunes on your PC and launch  
  • Navigate to the support section, search for available updates, and if there are any updates, if not, proceed to the next phase.
  • Connect your phone via a USB cable to your computer
  • Choose the option set-up as a new iPhone after successfully connecting your device, then press Continue
  • If your smartphone is locked to a particular network carrier, you will be asked to install a sim card to activate your iPhone once again.
  • Provide the required data, which is Apple ID, passcode and so on, after the above.
  • Hit the Get Started” button once you’re done with that, and that’s all you need to be doing.

That being said, if you are not happy with the method above or you simply don’t own a computer you can try the approach below as well. Also if you are having issues connecting to your computer or you have issues with fast charging your device, you can fix it with the process here

2. Using the R-sim/X-sim to do the job 

Another popular choice is using R-Sim or X-Sim to unlock your iPhone without a sim card.

What does R-sim/X-sim mean?

This is a question that most people ask when this kind of subject comes up, so the word literally means a universal unlock card to better understand, people often use it as a default unlock card. Unlocking the carrier and using another sim card is one of its applications.

For the sake of this article, you can easily unlock your iOS device without a sim card using the R Sim or X Sim, especially when you do not have access to your actual sim.

If you don’t have your R Sim, I’m going to recommend that you buy one which will probably cost you a token. Proceed with the guidelines below once you have the R Sim or X sim;

  • Attach the R or X Sim to your device 
  • From the pop-up options, pick the carrier network, then confirm your decision.
  • Restart your smartphone once you are done with the above,
  • The activation begins to operate once your system reboots, and your device will immediately start looking for the carrier network you selected earlier.
  • When your iOs device is done with the whole process it will communicate and your device has been activated just like that.

If both methods fail to work for you then all you need is the approach below.

3. Activating your phone by jail-breaking

You’re advised not to try this until you’ve tried the above two approaches, some people don’t know what this iPhone jailbreak means, so let me give you a hint

What does iPhone Jailbreak mean?

Jailbreak on the phone literally means the method of obtaining root access to the iOS operating system running on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch gadgets from Apple. What jailbreaking does is eliminate the reliance on Apple’s iOS system. In reality, jailbreaking an iOS device will allow users to access and configure some secret features on the device, like unlocking an iPhone or changing its baseband so that the unit can work with other mobile networks.

It should also be remembered that this method will void your warranty.

So you need to have some knowledge of the pros and cons as these are important before you embark on this method, it is vital to have basic knowledge as trying it the wrong way will affect your phone seriously.

I would advise you to read more about Jailbreak on phones before you continue, the full method is tedious and takes a lot of commitment and focus.

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