November 19, 2020

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Grow and Manifest your Business with Interactive Voice Response Telephony System

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Modern problems require resolution through advanced solutions. Communication can serve various purposes and yet be a barrier for the business. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that handles call volumes from customers. 

With the best IVR service provider, you can offer smart IVR service configured with a virtual IVR number. The modern IVR service can improve productivity and experience while enabling to map departments and agents to use the extension. This also allows you the control to interact with your customers and routes calls to the appropriate department.

Not only this, the IVR system has immense scope and can do much more such as gather information, compile detailed reports of business calls, speak to customers, offer self-service, connect clients to the right agent, and manage inbound and outbound campaigns.

Most of the Cloud IVR solutions are laced with powerful features; some are mentioned below:

Call Tracking with IVR Number

Get a single business number and track, record, and maintain all calls. With voicemail, abandoned call reports, and call back alerts, there is no chance that you miss a call or make your customers wait in a long queue.

Connect correctly to the right agent faster

With IVR solutions, you can efficiently manage the waiting time by giving your caller’s an option from multiple menus and connect them to appropriate queues.

Toll-free IVR number

The Toll-Free IVR creates an easy and cost-effective channel for customers to access. You can track and record all incoming and outgoing calls with a cloud-based telephony system without the customer bearing excessive expenses to reach you out.

Easy CRM integration

With IVR, you can utilize the APIs and integrate CRM to save your customer data with recording details, call duration, time, caller specifications, and caller location in one place. Pulling in customer data from any popular CRMs access it in a few clicks is the best feature the IVR provides you. 

Uninterrupted support

With 24/7 availability, the IVR system is quick to access, and the seamless support adds to customers. Record your messages on voicemail during non-working hours and eliminate the chance to miss a potential business lead.

Is switching to IVR solutions a reliable option for businesses?

IVR solutions can offer a multitude of benefits to businesses, which become a justifiable reason for them to rely on such solutions:

● Automation of customer support – IVR resolves all customer challenges by gathering suitable information and channelizing clients to the right agent. Self-serviceable IVR assists customers in getting an answer to their queries without indulging in numerous calls.

● Prioritize calls – IVR lets businesses prioritize calls based on the varied importance of issues. High-value customer calls can be routed to the most qualified agent, thus, not missing a chance to lose a high-value customer due to slower response time or poor client service.

● Personalized customer interactions – IVR system enables businesses to leave a lasting impact on customers with personalized greetings.

 Handle a higher volume of calls – The IVR telephony solutions empower businesses and let them handle the enormous volume of calls through efficient routing of inbound calls to appropriate agents. Such solutions also cuts-short the waiting time significantly.

Some bonuses and perks of IVR solution:

● Cost-effective – Hardware is deployed at our data centers and doesn’t cost much. You require the least investment and can use centralized hosting to transfer calls over the internet.

● Real-time updates – You can monitor and analyze call traffic with a comprehensive solution.

How to avail of IVR services in India?

There are many IVR service providers available in India, which is well-known for their Cloud IVR solutions. Look for a reliable one who have an established office and a contact center provider with the best IVR solutions. With the list of benefits, IVR solutions are a must-try service to give your business a chance to transform and grow exponentially.

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