Fronting Any Workplace Dilemma? Figure Out With Employment Lawyers

Fronting any workplace dilemma? Figure out with Employment lawyers

An Unfriendly gesture of the employer or other colleagues which creates a dilemma and feels like being harassed. Harassment is a ruthless act that should not be neglected in any way even if it is a joke. An individual which is being harassed should take steps for the first time. You have the right to take a stand for yourself against being harassed because how could you work at a place where you do not feel friendly and safe. You have to be Protect yourself from unwanted touching, hurtful comments, and other worse behaviors. Many unwanted behaviors include harassment like bullying name, discrimination of employee because of his skin color, caste-religion, age, sex and culture, disability, psychological, executive dismissal, verbal, third-party harassment, power harassment, etc.

With the increase in job employments, workplace troubles are taking rise like jobs. People facing many other problems other than harassment like terminating an employee without notice, based on sexuality in which individual get harassed because of his or her sexuality who have sexual orientations like homosexual, bisexual, transgender, etc., others like giving physical attack threats or threats, kicking or shoving and power harassments like giving the task to complete at impossible deadlines, asking for unnecessary edits and giving workloads that are below his capacity.

It’s never been too late to take a stand for yourself, if you are not feeling safe and teased, then directly tell your teaser or harasser to stop what he or she does. If they didn’t respond accordingly and harassment continues then talk to a higher authority or the human resource department of your company. If still, internal efforts do not work then than you should take help from employment lawyers. The lawyers assist you and file a case against the harasser with all gathered evidence to support your case.

Workplace dilemmas are not gender-specific but mostly faced by women because of certain issues like a minority of women at the workplace than men, pay discrimination, refused to give paid leaves at times of pregnancy or family leaves, and women are considered a weak section of society. These days women are more into the corporate sector than becoming housewives still they face discrimination and low-paid jobs.

Here are so many things you should keep in mind while signing a job or company-

1. Company’s values – The most necessary thing you need to consider is how employer ethics coordinate with yours because working in a company means a lot than just putting hours each day. The company should be one that adopts the same values as you do like honesty, integrity, and hard work.

2. Company culture – Most companies look for a cultural fit candidate while interviewing, you should put this in your list too because if you are more comfortable in a relaxed environment than a conservative one then getting a job in such a company will not prove a good choice for you.

3. Team members – Your new co-workers who going to work and spend most of their time with you, it is essential to know that they are the people whom you feel comfortable working with as a team. Your co-workers being a happy key for you at your workplace.

4. Learning opportunities – Signing job as a beginner or experienced at any post, one thing is important to consider that company will bring you the learning opportunities which will help you to develop your career ahead.

5. Security and stability – The candidate should check out whether his company can offer its employees a stable, secure, and friendly environment. However a structured paycheck is a part of security but its proven history of steady success and a sense of job security should be kept in mind, a company provides you the environment you need to succeed.

6. Feedbacks – A lot of success depend on you but an employer could set some things for your great outcome. one of these is setting goals and taking regular feedbacks regarding the environment and the behavior of other employees towards you, these are the factors that are really important for working in peace at the workplace.

Laws to keep in mind

According to the Fair Work Act (2009), certain laws are made which apply to all employees

1. Employment contract – Employment contracts do not need to be strictly written it can be partly written and partly oral. Employees should be provided with a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement, which contains information about all their rights under NES (The National Employment Standards).

2. Harassment, discrimination – Under the Age, Sex, Race, Disability, Gender, Religion discrimination act 2004 it is against the law to discriminate against employees based on their age, sex, race, disability, gender, and religion in employment which includes recruitment, working salary, working conditions, promotion, training and development, disciplinary action and termination.

3. Family leaves – According to the Fair Work Act employees in Australia are subjected to take a paid leave of a minimum of 10 days as personal or carer’s leave for each year.

4. Termination notice – An employer has no right to terminate his employee suddenly without giving a minimum notice. Under NES employer must provide his employee with a minimum notice with a reason for termination to the candidate.

If you are facing discrimination, harassment, or any dilemma from the employer or other colleagues’ side then you must consider legal authority, if no other higher authority or human resource department is considering your problem. Or you can take help employment lawyers in Perth. The lawyers help you after working out all shreds of evidence. They will absolutely help you out with all legalities.

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