Facts about Upholstery Cleaning

When you buy yourself a new piece of furniture like a couch you want to keep it looking great and clean for as long as you can. But accidents happen and over time dirt builds up. Inevitably something that might stain gets spilled and you need to consider your options when it comes to upholstery cleaning. It is not possible to keep your couch looking brand new, but it is possible to learn how to safely do some cleaning yourself, and how to find expert upholstery cleaning Ajax based cleaning services when you need something more.

Your vacuum cleaner is a good starting point

The first step you can add to the cleaning list is to use your vacuum cleaner on your fabrics. Most cleaners have attachments you can use that help including ones that can reach into the cracks and crevices. It is a great way to lift off surface dirt and dust and clean out those yucky crumbs and pet hair.

Learn how to do some spot cleaning

Spot cleaning means when you notice just a spot of dirt that needs cleaning you just clean that area not the whole couch or upholstery. If you spill something blot it straight away do not rub at it. The idea is to get it to soak into your cloth so less goes into the material on the couch. Scrubbing with a wet cloth is the worst thing to do. You can use a spot cleaner solution or you can bring in professionals in upholstery cleaning Toronto based, who have all the experience and knowledge needed to successfully spot clean without causing more damage.

Take care with what you agent you use for cleaning

The problem when you choose to do your own upholstery cleaning is that should make the wrong choice with what cleaning agent you use, you could make it stain worse and even damage the material. Different cleaning agents and different cleaning techniques need to be learned and used depending on the material the couch is made from and what the stain is. Cotton, wool, leather, silk, these are all very different and an expert in upholstery cleaning Ajax residents confidently use would know this.

Using a cleaning service that has a great reputation and has proven their reliability is the safest way to get your couch and other upholstery cleaned well and deeply. They are aware of how to handle different stains and different fabrics. They have carefully chosen the cleaning products they use for effectiveness and learned all the techniques they need. What your best attempt should depend on things like if it is grease, wine, urine, oil, food and so on.

Some quick handy tips to better protect your couch

Here are some quick tips when it comes to upholstery cleaning and protection.

  1. It is a good idea not to put your couch directly in sunlight. Direct sun rays can cause over time discoloration and fading.
  2. There are protectors you can buy to spray your couch with that can help protect them and keep them cleaner for longer and shield them from staining.
  3. Take care when using candles and try to keep them away so there is less risk of the wax dripping onto the material.
  4. If you choose to clean it yourself rather than hiring an expert for upholstery cleaning Toronto avoid using too much water as if it stays too wet for too long mould and mildew can grow.

Remember to turn on the fans and open up the windows to ventilate the room after cleaning.

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