Facebook and Instagram Ad Models

In this article, we will answer the question of what are Facebook and Instagram ad models. Knowing the ad models will enable you to learn which segment your ad falls into, and to take an efficient step towards this and to have positive results.

What are Facebook & Instagram Ad Models?

When we talk about Facebook and its Instagram, we can say that there are basically three different categories of ads. These ad categories; awareness, evaluation and conversion ads.


Reputation Ads

The purpose of reputation ads is to increase brand awareness. Sales and marketing purposes are not a priority in these ads. The first aim here is to reach more masses of the brand, to be examined and to create brand awareness.

In brand awareness advertisements , the purpose is to convey the brand to the users if they have a high potential to be interested in the brand to be advertised. If your goal is to increase the awareness of your brand, this model will suit you.

Reach ads are almost the same as brand awareness ads. In this model, the aim is to get the ads to as many audiences as possible.

The difference between brand awareness ads and reach ads; In the brand awareness model, the advertisements reach people who have the potential to be interested in the brand among the targeted audience. In reach advertisements, it is to reach the maximum level of brand to as many people as possible; The potential for interest in the target audience is not sought.

Instagram ad models

Evaluation Ads

The purpose of evaluation ads is to communicate directly with people who are interested in and review the brand. If you want to receive interactions and messages from your potential customers, the evaluation model will be suitable for you. This model also includes advertisements for mobile applications, video viewing and prospecting.

Traffic ads aim to direct people who are interested in the brand to the website. Traffic ads are recommended if you have a website and Facebook Pixel code is included on your site. Because in this way, you will attract your target audience to your website and increase your website traffic as well as making them potential customers.

Interaction ads are generally used to increase the interactions (likes, comments, etc.) of the posts you share on Facebook and Instagram. If you are going to organize advertising campaigns, this model will reach people who are likely to interact with your posts from within the target audience. Except of this, social media has a new trend to engage their posts with more people. Numerous people buy Instagram likes to shine their posts and make more people interact with your post. This strategy is also used by brands and influencers to establish their business on Social media platforms.

Application installs ads are the model used for mobile applications. For this, it will be useful to have Facebook Pixel code installed in your mobile application.

Video views are an ideal model for those who want to publish ads . The video views model aims to deliver the video ad to the potentially interested users among the target audience.

The ad model for finding potential customers is the most costly of all these models we describe on Facebook and Instagram. The purpose here is to collect contact information of people with a high potential to be interested in the product or service you offer. With this information collected, marketing activities are carried out by phone or e-mail and very efficient results can be obtained.

The messages advertising model aims for users to send you messages through the platform you serve. For example, you can receive messages from potential customers via Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or Instagram Direct Message.

Conversion Ads

Translating targeted behaviors into action in online properties you own in the web environment is called transformation. Conversion ads aim to reduce advertising costs by making the advertisements more measurable. Let’s give an example of an e-commerce site for this; For the e-commerce site, the conversion may be adding a product to the cart, while for the corporate site the conversion may be filling in the contact information on the website.

Used for conversions ad, website or mobile apps, this model offers your ads to the users most likely to convert from within your target audience. It is recommended to have Facebook Pixel code installed on the site and / or mobile application for the model.

Catalog sales ads are a model that is generally used by e-commerce sites, a feed is created on the products and transferred to the admin panel, so that the products from the catalog are displayed to the selected target audience. Your ads are presented to users with the highest purchasing potential in this model.

Store traffic ads are a model that we can call more offline than other models. Potential customers near your business are directed to the store.

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