Eye Frames are a must-have product today, now it’s used not just as prescription glasses but rather as an accessory to complement your wardrobe. 

You can find all different types of glasses ranging from classic rectangle glasses to cat-eye and even oversized glasses. 

Glasses are essential for every fashion-lovers’ wardrobe due to its sheer versatility and ease of styling. Bold, colorful glasses are a rage among fashionistas but don’t worry if you do not like loud colors, the classics are evergreen and revamping this season too. One can experiment their looks with different eye frames and bring spunk to their personality.

You can even opt for blue light blocking glasses to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light from computers and phones that we use widely now. 

Prescription glasses do not have to be dreaded, as glasses are not meant to degrade your look but rather upgrade it. 

Some of the glasses trending in 2020 are mentioned below. Rounding off the best options for you both in the luxury and budget sections.

Clear Glasses

Clear Glasses are all the rage this season and designs have been hogging this clear trend in bags, shoes and even clothes. So, this trend has made its round in sunglasses and now in prescription glasses too. David Jones frames are some of the best spectacles, and they have come out with transparent glasses too. 

David Jones eyewear has one of the best range of clear glasses that are available in all different shapes so you can choose the one that suits your face shape. 

Transparent glasses are very versatile; now some brands even have a honey clear glass, for women and men who have pale hair and skin as that color suits them better. 

This transparent trend for glasses is projected to be a big one and carry on even in 2021. 

So, if you want good quality and affordable price tag you can try the David Jones spectacles.

Vintage Glasses

Vintage glasses are making a comeback, no I do not mean you have to go running to your nana for an old dusty pair. Vintage glasses now are refined yet vintage with a hint of subtle modernity.

Vintage round eyeglasses from IDEE are perfect, they fit the budget and is of excellent quality, and it is ideal if you want to try a new trend in the market. 

IDEE eyeglasses can be style in a multitude of ways be it business formal or casual. 

Vintage round frames are perfect for a face shape like a square as you want to soften the face edges. Round shapes bring out the desired oval shape, and round frames help in doing so. If you plan to get a small shaped frame, you can opt for old colors as that stands out in a small frame but doesn’t scream loud and is perfect for that pop of color.

Aviator Glasses

There is only one brand that comes to mind when we think of aviators, i.e. Ray-Ban. 

Ray-Ban glasses are a classic choice for many, and rightly so they have been in the game of glasses from 1936 when the company was asked to created glasses for the pilot personnel and aviators were designed to protect the pilot’s eye from the harsh sun rays. Ray-ban eyeglasses and in particular Ray-ban aviators are still the rage, and now aviator glasses are adorned by fashionistas, and it looks spectacular. Ray-ban aviator prescription eyeglasses were the last thing I could have thought, but the final product looks terrific.

Rectangle Glasses

Rectangle glasses are timeless. If there is one shape of eyeglasses that your granny and dad have also used that is rectangle glasses. Calvin Klein glasses are some of the best in the market, they are nicely made, and the quality is top-notch. 

Calvin Klein is perfect for those prescription sunglasses too, so you do not have to worry or choose between what to adorn sunglasses or a spectacle. You can protect your eye while looking fabulous also. 

These were some of the recommendations, and all these styles are going to keep you perked up for not just this year but the coming year too. 

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