April 10, 2020

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Essential SEO Factors to Get Ranking Faster on Search Engine

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Most SEO and internet marketing guys know that there are a lot of SEO factors that Google considers to rank any of the websites on Search Engine and likewise other search engines like Yahoo and Bing do. The Factors that Google uses are repetitively changing as Google keeps improving its search algorithms to improve its user experience.

According to the research, there are almost 200 known ranking factors through Google considering the website and showcase the ranking in SERP. The most imperative factors are known as URL structure, meta tags, use of quality content, inbound links, schema implementation, website loading speed and many other important things that Leaves a significant mark on your website’s SEO. For getting high rank you should avail affordable seo packages. They are best in SEO services

Here I am sharing with you the 5 most vital factors which every website should have.

Indexing and Crawling

Before ranking any of the websites on Google, every website should be indexed and crawled in Google. If you have a fresh website or newly created website, then you must get your website indexed in Google. There are a few steps that will help you get your website index sooner in Google.

·        Use robots.txt file

·        Submit the sitemap.xml file

·        Submit your website in Google Search Console

·        Submit sitemap.xml file in Google Search Console

As soon as Google considers your website, it will index in Google. It may take around one week to index depending upon the Google bots.

A Website Should Be Mobile Friendly

As we all can see that people have started browsing through mobile phones and almost 85%-90% of users use their mobile phones to search for anything on Google. And search engines are also taking more interest to improve the user experience for mobile users and it uses a mobile-first index which means Google will first index the mobile version of the website. So, it is now most important that your website should be mobile friendly that can be fully accessible in every mobile version of different sizes and browsers. You can also use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to make a different directory for servers for mobile users. In order to get a mobile-ready website with proper SEO optimization, you can hire SEO Company in India and they will help you make your website search engine friendly.

Website Loading Speed

The loading speed of a website is also an important factor to improve SEO. As long as your website is faster or your website opens in any browser in less than 3 seconds, then it is considered as excellent loading speed. If a web page doesn’t load faster, then it is hard to get its ranking. However, making a website load with-in three seconds is the biggest challenge for developers.

To overcome this issue, Google introduced its own FREE tool named as Google Page Speed Insights tool which can be used to check how your web page loads and the things you can more improve to increase web page loading speed. Please keep in mind to make changes for desktop and mobile versions both as some of the changes can be technical and could make the wrong impression on Google bots. It is always recommended to use the best SEO company in India and get experts to help to do so.

Make Sure Your Content is Structured

Content is considered as KING in the SEO industry. As far as your website content is high-quality, relevant to the industry and most importantly useful for users can be more valuable for the website. Content is more optimized for keywords or uses keyword stuffing in content is black hat SEO techniques. If your content is rich and meaningful, then users will take more interest in reading it and as long as they spend time on your website will increase website value in Google. The writing structure of the content should be in heading format like in H1-H6. It is better to come up with an SEO agency to help produce relevant, lengthy, useful content for your website so it can rank better in search engines.

Quality Backlinks

Backlinks also are known as incoming links, inbound links which are equally important in SEO. Backlinks are also the strongest factor to get a website rank well in Google. According to the penguin update, a search engine specifically targets spam links that are created intentionally or did not seems natural to Google. Google always recommends creating backlinks on high authority websites that are relevant to your niche. Before linking your website to another website, you should check its authority, spam score, and relevance. In fact, it may be the best practice to have your seo outsourcing services and get quality backlinks for your website. As much as you have the unique backlinks, your website will get a high position in Google.


The above 5 factors are essential for any website to improve SEO. However, there are a lot more factors that can give your website a better share and increase your ranking. If you wish to talk to an expert to better understand how SEO works and how we can improve website ranking, then please contact I need Technologies – Your Digital Marketing Ag

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