Erectile Dysfunction Doctor

Impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) is when men fail to achieve or sustain the required firmness for a contented sexual intimacy in their penis. This is a highly prevailing issue found in men across the globe. In Australia alone nearly 1 million men confront this issue.

The initial step is to concede the truth and accept the fact there is an issue in the organ which requires attention. You can then apply the home remedies, and other techniques to make the condition better. Despite all the tips; in case the issue persists or become worse the next step is to seek specialized assistance. This will help decide the acuteness of the situation along with the required treatment necessary to curtail it. It is extremely important to seek medical help, and understand that this is not an issue of embarrassment. In Australia 7 out of 10 men reportedly deny seeking help for ED, and suffer silently!

The first doctor to consult is your general practitioner (GP). This first point of reference will give you a clear perspective about the condition and range of ED. He shall prescribe some general blood and urine test to determine the root cause of the issue. The GP shall further refer to specialist doctor which need to be consulted depending on the source of the problem.


If the physical results are all within the normal range than it is highly probable that ED is due to a mental health issue. Stress, anxiety, depression and performance anxiety are some of the common psychological issues of ED. The therapist will recommend counseling session which will reduce the symptoms of this issue.

Specialist Doctor

If ED is due to some undetected disease of a particular organ or system, the GP may refer to a specialist of that organ. The specialist will try to alleviate the source disease.


Urologist is a doctor who specializes in the functions and organs of the lower abdomen. He will physically examine the area along with prescribing some tests. He will further probe in to the issue and will recommend solution to alleviate the problem of ED. Unlike the GP an urologist can recommend surgical solutions for the problem if needed.


In case the issue is due to some hormonal imbalance, you shall have to consult an endocrinologist. He might refer you an oral pill or testosterone therapy depending on the condition and the individual’s requirement.

All of the above doctors shall recommend and prescribe solutions depending on the case. In any case the medicines should be bought on prescription from authorized shops and web pages; such as the likes of OZ Meds Online in Australia, which deals in original products only!

The most common solution is the use of oral medicines to reduce the symptoms if ED. Pills containing active ingredients like Sildenafil, tadalafil and Vardenafilare available both in generic and non-genic form globally. Be it shops or webpages; some formulas of the aforementioned ingredients like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Avanafil, Kamagra jelly, Kamagra effervescent, Cenforce, Vilitra and Viagra Suhagra 100mg are available.  

External help in the form of rings and vacuum pumps are also available; these are attached on the penis and assist in erection. In extreme cases the doctors can go for surgical treatments where implants are placed inside the penis to help it attain firmness.

Erectile dysfunction is a medical problem and should be treated like one. Ignoring and delaying the issue can result in self-destruction and worsening of the condition. Therefore in case of any recurring symptom contact the doctor’s immediately as timely detection can help alleviate the problem ensuring a happy and contented life!

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