November 18, 2020

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Early Career Program for a Golden Career

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Get insights into Early Career Program Feedback and Prepare for a Golden Career!

Every one of us must have faced challenges related to the job market’s stress and the cut-throat competition that pushes us to gain an edge over others. It has set an agenda that explains how difficult it is to pave a path to high-paying jobs in the employment market. The job-oriented training programs are helping break this notion and helping students to explore their caliber.

Such programs provide an edge and allow learning through strategized courses. Once you have the skillset in hand, you are fit to eye the highest-paying jobs and gain experience to unlock career opportunities ahead in various professional realms.

HCL’s Early Career Program, meant for students, is one such opportunity. The program gives wings to student’s aspirations and has an excelling career in Information Technology. The HCL’s early career program feedback suggests that the program is highly strategized and fits a top-engineering job’s needs. Here are some advantages of undergoing on the job training:

Simple learning method: The easy to learn the structure and other operations of the training ensure that you are equipped with theory and other practicalities.

Economical packages: Classroom training helps achieve goals, and on-job training pays attention to all the aspects of projects ensuring optimum utilization of resources. 

Increased productivity: The trainees fit into organizational structures with the least resources. Training programs prepare in advance to acclimatize into organizational space. On job training helps you fit nicely into your responsibilities from day one.

Quick learning: Surprised and confused employees can affect productivity in the workplace. The training prepares them well for an office environment, establishing comfort and productivity from the initial days itself.

Systematic: Learning becomes more effective systematically than any random way of learning. Training programs and task execution give you chances to learn systematically and help understand areas of improvement.

HCL TechBee Early Career Program is a strategic program where candidates have to undergo 12-month training for entry-level IT jobs. Once you accomplish the training, the candidates are open to seeking full-time employment opportunities with HCL. While on the job, the candidates are free to pursue their higher education with BITS, Pilani, or SASTRA University.

Students enrolling in HCL TechBee Career Program are expected to undergo intensive training.

Important details outlined about the HCL’s Early Career Program:

  • With the IT industry’s upscaling, HCL has introduced its course to strengthen the skilled workforce and train students to have the right career path.
  • This is an integrated learning & training program designed with a learning module to train and prepare students to serve the IT industry and leverage career growth. 
  • The 12-month program is divided into different phases, during which students earn a stipend and, in the end, a job at HCL with an excellent package. 
  • The trainees can continue higher studies from the best technical universities while working at HCL. 
  • The training program focuses on exceptional training to prepare students technically and make them industry-ready and brush up personalities.
  • In a short-span, trainees have professional experience and an academic degree.
  • The 12-month program is divided into Classroom Training, On the Job Training, and the final stage of enrolling in Higher Education Programs.

Following is the training process during HCL’s Career Training program; the students undergo:

Foundation Training: Equips trainees with IT basics & fundamentals.

Domain Training: Imparts technology-based training to equip candidates with key concepts required for an IT Engineer’s job.

Professional Practice: Trainees work on-job and have training on live global projects.

Learning Management System: Enabling peer-based discussions, online assessments, assignments, and case-based submissions to strengthen subject-based knowledge.

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