September 10, 2020

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Don’t let Hackers access your iPhone with a simple text message

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Using smartphones is an everyday thing now. With people depending on it entirely, it has become a personal accessory and people tend to keep their private information in it. In the past, it was seen that iPhones were prone to some malware that made it easy for hackers to do anything they wanted. The hackers just send in a malware-ridden iMessage and whenever you open it, your phone gets hacked. There are bugs known as zero-day vulnerabilities that are a very valuable tool for hackers and they can hack your phone with it very easily.

How to avoid hackers:

As explained earlier it is not easy in this age of technology to keep your phone away from hackers so here are some tips that you should keep in mind while using your cell phone. with the help of these steps, you will be able to void hackers if not all then at least some of them. Let us have a look at these simple tips.

Beware of scam calls

This is probably one of the oldest and simplest ways to make people fool who are innocent and don’t know much about technology. Scam calls are posed as calls that are from a company and they ask for your personal information like bank account details and your pin etc. if you ever receive a call like this you must know that it is a scam call and you should hang up immediately. An original company would never ask for your information like this and that is why it is suggested that you never give out your information to anyone on call.

Update your iPhone

Updating your iPhone is the first thing you should do when an update is released despite what you might be thinking it is important that you update your phone as soon as possible to avoid any phishing scams. Updating your smartphone is important because the older version is prone to any malware or hackers might be aware of the vulnerabilities of that version.

Don’t open links that do not seem authentic 

You might not have the idea that you would be receiving links that can hack your phone. people receive such links on messages or in the form of e-messages. it is advised that you never open a message like that Otherwise your phone might get hacked. These links are specially designed for providing all of the data inside your phone to the hacker and give him access to your phone. You must avoid such links and being the owner of your smartphone, you should keep it safe and protected from the malware and hackers.

Use encrypted Wi-Fi 

Using encrypted Wi-Fi is another thing that must be taken seriously. If you are connected to any Wi-Fi you must make sure that the Wi-Fi is encrypted and is not prone to any malware. wi-fi’s that are not encrypted become the reason for hackers attacking your smartphone and access all the data that is inside it. That is why it is suggested that you never connect with Wi-Fi that is not your own and you don’t know if it is encrypted or not.

Summing up:

To conclude, these are all the tips that you must consider and follow if you want to keep your phone protected and away from any kind of scam or hackers. Sometimes you do not even realize, and you leave your phone prone to hackers by connecting with other devices or Internet connections.

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