August 14, 2020

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Different Types of Fabrics Used for Upholstery at Home

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Expensive furniture pieces need to be protected by covering with suitable upholsteries. Upholstered furniture lasts much longer and retains the original glaze. Moreover, upholstered chairs, sofas, and stools are more comfortable due to the softness of the fabrics used for this purpose. Homemakers are quite choosy in picking up the right kind of fabric for upholstery at every corner of the house. You can use leather, cotton, velvet, synthetic fibre and other different varieties to be used as your upholstery for sofa or for your sofa-cum-bed.

Kinds of fabrics used in making domestic upholstery    

  • Polyester – It is a synthetic material that has gained popularity due to the softness and strength of this microfiber. This fabric is available in many shades, though dark-coloured ones are preferred due to the possibility of stains appearing on lighter upholsteries. However, the polyester upholstery can be washed very easily with ordinary detergent and water. But it can be used for a more sophisticated and corporate variety and you 
  • Leather – It is an expensive fabric mainly used as commercial upholsteries for office chairs. Leather upholsteries are available in many stylish designs, which add grandeur to armchairs and sofas at home. Many leathers cover last more than 5 years, protecting furniture from chemicals and all household cleaning agents. 
  • Wool – It is another natural fabric that makes the furniture more comfortable and warmer during winter. It is resistant to moulds, mildew, wrinkles, and fading of colours. Thus, woollen upholstery is exceptionally durable, eco-friendly, and quite easy to clean by normal washing. Though wool is an expensive material, now it is blended with synthetic fibres to lower the price. Generally, wool does not need any chemical treatment and thus, it is also resistant to fire.  


This is a natural fibre obtained from flax and combined with synthetic materials, which renders more durability to upholsteries.  However, linen upholsteries need extra care, as it can be soiled and wrinkled very easily. Moreover, it may shrink in water and thus, demands professional cleaning. 


It makes soft and comfortable upholstery that is highly durable and lasts for many years. However, there have been a few negative effects of using linen upholstery, which is easily wrinkled and scratched. It can be damaged on being wet and this fabric fails to retrieve its original look due to its low elasticity. Rayon is generally developed as a synthetic silk and it is also easily washable. Rayon also offers the much-needed comfort and style. 


It is the most common natural fibre that is widely used in making upholsteries. Different types of cotton fabrics are available in various price ranges. It is highly durable, as it resists pilling and scratches. Unlike synthetic fibres, 100% cotton fabrics are safe for patients suffering from skin allergies.


It is another popular fabric used for special upholsteries due to its lustrous look. As it is an expensive fabric, people use silk upholstery only in the formal places or where kids are not allowed. It should be kept away from direct sunlight and pets, to ensure satisfactory longevity. Silk fabrics are available in numerous colours, patterns, and thicknesses. Plain silk and rayon silk are two different varieties and bright colours in silk look vibrant and they can easily be used as suitable upholstery for your sofa. 

Acrylic, acetate, nylon, and olefin are some popular synthetic fabrics used for making residential upholstery, due to the cheap prices and easy maintenance. Velvet and Chenille are also chosen for upholsteries in some households. You can now customize the materials and buy the right upholstery as per the size, style, and the overall decor of your home. Also, try to buy upholstery that will not generate body heat but will provide the right comfort.

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