September 15, 2020

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Can You Avail Benefits If You have Car Insurance in Dubai?

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Car insurance in Dubai is an essential document if you intend to drive your vehicle. Without a valid document/policy, you cannot drive a car, and it is against the law. If you own a car and worried about car insurance, make sure that you understand everything before selecting one. 

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What is car insurance? 

Car insurance is a protection package provided by an insurance company. You will purchase a policy for a sum assured and depending on the make of the vehicle. The monthly amount you will pay for the policy depends on the car’s age and whether it falls under the premium category. 

The policy comes into effect, or you can claim an accident. As repair costs are high, you can use the policy to cover the major repairs/replacements and pay for the rest of the parts not covered under the policy. You will, thus, reduce the cost and benefit. 

How to choose car insurance? 

Car insurance in Dubai is available at several insurance companies. They all offer policies targeted at different segments of the vehicle class. For instance, policies are available based on the engine displacement and segment. For example, you will be paying a higher premium for a Mercedes Benz car than a Hyundai sedan. 

Selecting car insurance plan is not a simple task. With several policies available, picking the one that suits your requirement is essential. As manual comparison is a hectic process, considering going online. Use the internet to search for policies. There are several websites offering comparison and quotes based on your vehicle details. All you must do it enter your car’s make, model, registration year, and IDV value. You will see a list of policies for your vehicle. 

What is the essential aspect of car insurance? 

Car insurance in Dubai not only provides protection or coverage against damages, but they also offer additional assistance. The assistance that they provide varies from one insurance company to another and falls under add-ons, and you will be shelling an extra price for the same. 

However, the essential aspect of car insurance is the response and coverage provided. Not all companies respond equally and swiftly during a claim. A few take some time while the others process the refund of the expenses immediately. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the one with a good reputation for offering the best services to their customers. 

Claim procedure

The procedure to claim is simple. You can use the cashless facility available by visiting the garage mentioned or head to the vehicle manufacturer’s service center. In both cases, you can choose the policy to repair your car. You can further use the same policy for a third-party claim if any. 

Advantages of car insurance

The significant advantage of possessing car insurance Dubai UAE is you will not be spending amount from your pocket. If there is an accident, you can make a claim and use the same to cover third-party damages. However, it would help if you chose a policy that fits into your pocket and suitable for the car you drive. Use the internet to enter your vehicle details and search for policies that match your parameters. You can further compare the policies; understand the benefits, customer service, etc. before heading for the purchase. In any case, you will have complete control over your vehicle and continue to enjoy benefits. A few policies also offer a death benefit, where the sum assured credits to the nominee’s account upon the policyholder’s death.

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