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Boost the Instagram Live Experience for Your Targeted Audience

If you are thinking of using Instagram Live for reaching out to your potential and present customers, you must be aware of some tips that will help you boost user engagement. This post will give you an insight into how you can create, plan, promote and effectively broadcast your next Live on Instagram with success-

First things first – the obvious question, how does Instagram Live help your business?

Instagram Live is one of the quickest ways for any business to build a rapport with their followers. It entails you making a live video to reach out and connect with them. This Live experience helps you to interact with your followers and have all their questions related to your product or service answered in person in real-time. You get the chance to tune into what they feel about your product. 

A survey by New York Magazine with Livestream, an esteemed company dealing with software owned by Vimeo, discovered that approximately 80% of people would like to watch a video live from a business brand than read their blogs.

Let us see some amazing statistics-

Instagram is a platform with over one billion users that compile valuable and one of the most engaged business audiences on the Internet. The reasons being-

  1. The average person on Instagram spends about 53 minutes on the platform browsing content
  2. About one out of five businesses who post Instagram Stories get a direct message
  3. 83% of the users on Instagram discover new services and products on this platform.

This means as a business brand when you make an Instagram Live. The stream stays in front of the Instagram Stories queue, giving you a priority and special visibility with all your followers.

How Can You Optimize Instagram Live For Your Business?

Note that Instagram Live Replays are separate from Instagram Story live stream replays. When any user wants to view your Instagram Story, they are able to find the live videos faster. This feature also applies to the highlights of Instagram Story.  Instagram Live has increased in the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic, and you will find many celebrities and eminent personalities, choosing the feature to create content.

Obviously, your audience for Instagram Live is smaller than celebrities, so you should have a good plan in place to help you increase engagement. You should keep track of the number of viewers during the live broadcast, as this helps you improve your planning strategy for the next videos. You will also come to know what somebody likes about it. Make sure that you plan the structure of the video content well so that your audience comes back for your next Instagram Live session.

How can you create, plan & execute an Instagram Live broadcast?

Planning is essential for you to make your Instagram Live a successful affair. There are many ways of going about it depending on the type of your brand. Keep the following tips in mind-

  1. You can start with a practice account – You might face some trepidation to hit the Go Live button all at once. The best thing for you to do here is to make a dummy Instagram account that allows you to practice. This account helps you rehearse for as long as you want before you are happy with the final product. You can save your practice videos with the download button’s help located at the corner in the top left when the video is over.
  • Do Not Disturb mode on your phone – Activate the DND mode for any Instagram Live session if you record it from a phone. In case you get a call, your broadcast will be interrupted, and you might end up losing followers in the process. Also, make sure to mount the phone on a good surface that is steady and does not move. If you can, get a phone tripod to hold it in place. The tripod reduces phone shakes up to 50% and more. You do not have to invest in a sophisticated product; a simple entry-level one will work fine.
  • Make sure you have all your assets for live presentation to followers in order – The last thing you want to do is fumble with technical buttons you might not be familiar with. Before you go live on Instagram, make sure you are ready and comfortable with the different components on the interface of Instagram Live. For instance, you might need to toggle back and forth, so make sure you are comfortable with the feature.  If you need to demonstrate anything online, make sure they are organized and set in front of you properly.
  • Get a strong Internet connection – Before you set up an Instagram Live, make sure that your Internet connection is strong and working fine. The last thing you want is technical glitches that will hamper the streaming of the video. Your followers might become disappointed with the live stream if the Internet connection is slow or takes time to buffer. You can end up losing customers too.
  • Check your microphone – Your voice should be clear and distinct. Get a good microphone for Instagram Live and record the stream in an area with no noise. You can get a Lavalier Microphone that helps you to stay free during the live streaming. This microphone helps you to demonstrate any product freely and move around during the streaming. For instance, you might be a gym instructor showing specific exercises. This is where the Lavalier microphone will help you. You can focus on the audience better than worry about the audibility and quality of your voice.

Therefore, to make a successful Instagram Live Broadcast, keep the above tips in mind. If you are a business brand, you need to connect with your audience and build a healthy rapport with them. Businesses that share a strong rapport with their audience can boost user engagement and sales better. The key objective of any Instagram Live session is to drive interest and sales.

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