Best Business Email Solution For Small Business

There are a plethora of email hosting services available online and you are in a dilemma about choosing the best Business Email Solution for your business. An email hosting service runs an email server and you can get your hands on one by just signing up to one of the best email hosting services. You can use it for managing, maintaining multiple email accounts, and sending emails. Most of the small businesses use the email hosting services provided by some of the leading companies such as Zoho, Google, Gsuite, and so on

Here are some of the best business email solutions that you can sign up for your business

Zoho mail

This is one of the most used mail services for business mail offered by Zoho partner India and you can use this as an alternative to the Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite for your business. It has some great features to offer to its users and it is available with free as well as the paid version of the mail service. 

If you plan to go with the free version then you will come across some basic features such as web-based clients for sending and receiving the mails and you will not have the privilege to set up the business account nor will you be able to get custom domain services. The paid version comes with great benefits such as setting up the custom domain name for your emails and support for forwarding POP/IMAP/emails. It is the most feasible solution for small businesses as it comes with a price tag of $12 per year along with a 5GB storage which can be increased to 30GB with higher packs

G Suite

G Suite is nothing but a sophisticated version of the Gmail with a plethora of features for helping the users with the email hosting solutions. It can help in simplifying your tasks with many cloud-based applications such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, and others. You can buy G Suite from $6 per month/per user and may increase it up to $25 if you wish to use the enterprise version and each of the users gets 30GB storage space shared across all of the Google apps mentioned above. While the enterprise users can get up to 1TB of storage space 

Microsoft 365

If you are someone who is an avid Microsoft user you might want to set up Microsoft 365 for business as it has all the necessary tools available for your business such as word, outlook. Excel, Powerpoint, Excel, and so on. You will also be able to get your hands on the email hosting account f you get the Office 265 Premium with the custom domain name and more. With the premium version, you can get up to 50GB storage space for all your data to be stored safely

These are some of the best business email solutions for small business so if you are thinking of getting a custom domain name or getting an email hosting service you can choose from these leading solutions

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