Advantages and Disadvantages of Having an Automatic Coffee Machine at Home

Automatic coffee makers are those designed to provide you with good coffee in a convenient and simple way, and require very little effort or knowledge on the part of the user. These types of coffee makers are also known as super-automatic coffee makers, created specifically to provide you coffee quickly.

Typically, these automatic coffee machines  will handle  everything from grinding coffee beans to extraction – and sometimes even milk preparation that’s why every coffee lover wants to buy an automatic coffee machine.

According to barista experts automatic coffee machines use a thermal unit to boil the water that will be used to prepare coffee and also milk. Others simply use a small kettle to make coffee.

Good things about automatic coffee machines

Super-automatic coffee makers are specifically designed for coffee consumers who need maximum convenience. These machines are built to be time-efficient, adapting to even the busiest of lifestyles.

The machine takes care of all the dirty work, leaving you with the final product in just a couple of minutes. Automatic coffee makers are great for those coffee lovers who enjoy a high-quality cup but don’t have time to use a manual coffee maker.

This type of automatic coffee maker also offers users the  ability to use any desired grain type , something that capsules lack. It is incredible how many fragrances and flavors can be found in fresh coffee, in contrast to already ground and encapsulated coffee.

Some of the other benefits offered by such wonders of automatic coffee makers include the  ability to program your favorite beverage to be available in one step . It is most useful for those families with different preferences regarding coffee.

Not so good things

For a traditional coffee lover, an automatic coffee maker will not suffice. With an automatic,  the user is unable to control the grinding and preparation of coffee and milk completely , as these devices handle everything for you.

Although it is true that they produce very good coffee,  the end result tends to have less body than an espresso prepared in the traditional way . The coffee you will get is not like that from a coffee shop, and that’s something to keep in mind before considering automatic coffee makers.

The price can also put you back , since most super-automatic coffee machines start at 1000 euros and do not usually go down from there. Then you already have to consider whether the price and quality are worth the time you can save with a capsule coffee maker.

Cleaning automatic coffee machines is also an important point to consider – although all coffee machines need cleaning. They need a thorough cleaning at least once a week ; not as inconvenient, but less convenient than a capsule coffee maker.

Finally, these machines tend to have higher maintenance costs. With its moving parts, built-in grinders, and all the built-in parts a broken part may not be as easy to replace. Even so, with a good quality and guarantee, you will not have any problems.

What should we take into account when buying a coffee maker?

Need at home to prepare this drink to their liking. In today’s market, precisely, there is a great variety of automatic coffee machines to enjoy the best coffee. A wide range of models that sometimes makes it difficult to choose which one is the most suitable among the best coffee machines of the moment.

Tips for buying an automatic coffee machine

An automatic coffee machine is capable of preparing delicious coffee quickly, comfortably and cleanly. This machine is the best option we can take to make a quality coffee to our liking. But, what are the characteristics that we must take into account to buy the one that best suits our needs?

Before buying an automatic coffee machine , it is important to know what type of coffee it is capable of making.

The most important part of an automatic coffee machine is the infuser group . The power and capacity of this will allow us to enjoy a higher quality of coffee and the possibility of preparing more than one at the same time. In the latter case, it will be necessary to check if the coffee machine is single-dose or has a double nozzle

At the same time, it is more than advisable for the coffee machine to have an ultra-fast heating system and a steam channel to obtain froth with the milk. Based on these two characteristics, we will be able to prepare a greater variety of coffees and customize their style and aroma. However, if we are only consumers of espresso coffee, it will not be necessary for the coffee machine to have a vaporizer to emulsify milk.

It is very interesting, for example, that the coffee machine includes a ceramic grinder to grind the coffee beans at the moment. The grinder will pour the coffee directly into the coffee machine, so it is very useful. However, if the coffee maker does not incorporate it, it can also be purchased separately as an accessory.

On the other hand, it is also highly recommended that the coffee maker has a large water tank so as not to have to continually refill this liquid. This is precisely essential if there are several people at home who consume coffee during the day. If possible, it should also integrate a memory function and specifications such as drip tray, area to keep cups warm, etc.

In addition to all these features, the automatic coffee machine must be easy to use. Its functions must be very well specified from a menu and very intuitive programming. It goes without saying that the coffee machine must also be easy to clean and include a special cleaning program as far as possible. At the same time, try to avoid buying coffee machines with a milk tank as much as possible, since they require continuous use and require extreme cleaning.

In short, automatic coffee machines are an excellent option to enjoy the best coffee. A machine with which you choose how you want to make the coffee so that it comes out aromatic and delicious. It is true that they are usually more expensive than capsule coffee machines, but it must also be said that coffee beans are much cheaper than the capsules themselves. If you are big fans of coffee at home, an automatic coffee machine may be the best investment.

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