7 Pre-Wedding Skin Care Tips


On the wedding day, all brides want to look beautiful and flawless! Attract attention, glow with happiness, love, and beauty. And so that skin troubles do not bother you, we recommend that you seek the help of a professional make-up artist, he will tell you how to deal with flaws and emphasize you’re a natural beauty. And you should always take care of the condition of your skin, especially closely several months before the wedding, so that on the most important day your skin is perfect. We offer some basic skincare tips that are easy to follow, and the result will delight you.

Natural beauty

It is extremely important to maintain your natural beauty, to help the skin restore and maintain strength, nourish and take care of it. For example, determine the time when you do procedures for skin health. Choose a time in the morning when you wake up or in the evening before going to bed to pay attention to the skin. Now the concept of natural beauty has gained global proportions and is supported by many cosmetic companies that are developing special products for the care of various types of skin. There is also a lot of means to restore and maintain the youth of cells, as well as new anti-aging creams that enhance the regeneration of the skin, which gives cells the strength to recover faster, this is especially important in a large modern city, where the effect on the skin is much more aggressive than, say, in rural areas. Be sure to consult your makeup artist, which type of creams will suit you, taking into account all external phenomena.

Always wash off makeup

The fundamental rule for skincare is to always wash your makeup off and do it right. First, use cleansing milk to remove makeup, it gently removes makeup from the surface of the skin. Then apply the gel to clean the face, it will help cleanse the pores, then rinse your face with cool water to rinse off any residue and wipe with tonic. After a few minutes, be sure to apply a daily moisturizer to your skin. If you did the entire procedure before bedtime, then use the cream for the night. Use a scrub periodically to exfoliate old cells, but do not abuse it more often than once a week.

Use funds correctly

As we already mentioned, it is very important to use cosmetics as intended. If the cream that you use is daytime, then you should not use it before bedtime, as the components of the day, the cream is designed to interact with external factors and regenerate in the daytime. If the cream is recommended for use on clean skin before bedtime, do not apply it before leaving home. Also, the funds are focused on various age categories and similar recommendations should not be neglected. Do not use cosmetic products not intended for this purpose, for example, hand cream, and use only products specifically designed for the skin around the eyes.

Skin types

Keep in mind that all people have different skin types and what suits your girlfriend perfectly may not suit you at all and even hurt you. Therefore, before purchasing cosmetics and creams, check with your makeup artist what type of skin yours belongs to. All skin types are different from each other and this is taken into account in the production of various products that are focused on a particular type.

Proper nutrition

Your nutrition greatly affects the condition of your skin. Therefore, try to form your diet from healthy foods that contain vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, and cell repair elements. Do not injure yourself with express diets, they do not bring the desired result, but they have a very bad effect on overall health, including the condition of your skin. Eat moderately and healthy and you will see the result on the face.

Rest is the rule

Not everyone can afford such a luxury as an 8-hour dream, but if you have the opportunity to get enough sleep and regain strength, use it. This will give strength not only to you but also to your skin. During sleep, very important recovery processes occur and the more regular your sleep, the more effective it is.

Use only quality products

It is very important to use only high-quality products for skincare. Marked by European beauty institutes and confirmed by clinical studies. Poor quality products are unlikely to bring the desired result, and can also harm the skin and undermine your plans. Be sure to consult your makeup artist on this issue.

Do not leave your skin unattended, be sure to give it enough care before the wedding and you will look and feel great, and our tips will help you succeed in this

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