September 15, 2020

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SEO for small business: 6 Ways to improve it for better results

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Amongst the most searches on Google, the first five results occupy rank on the first page of search and share almost 67.7% of total clicks. It is hard even to recall the last time when one has visited the second page of Google search engine. So reaching the top of the results is critical for a small business running online. 

No matter what’s the size of a business, it is critical to gain knowledge of SEO, to get ahead of your competitors. Search engines are tools where people can clear their doubts. SEO growth hacking is a basic need to survive in the cut-throat competition and gain the trust of your target customers.

It is important to note here that while traditional methods generate conversion rates of less than 2%, SEO can generate a conversion rate of around 15%.

Below are some of the proven SEO growth hacking tactics to help you grow your business:

Improving user experience

This has a direct impact on the ranking of a site. Web pages should be created in accordance with users and not for search engines. While creating a web page, it is crucial to be sure to consider the needs of potential customers. 

A web site that is easy to navigate is the demand of the time. Relevant content and engaging visuals will help to add more traffic to your site. 

Don’t forget to add fresh, relevant content to your site on a regular basis. Add a new product/service page to energize the search results. Remember, for updating your website very often, Google rewards by placing your content in the search results.

Ensure a mobile-friendly site

Google now penalizes sites that are less optimized for mobile devices. More than 55% of searches are from mobile devices, and most brands like to make sure that their sites are easy to navigate with readable content on smaller screens.

Tips of a mobile-friendly site –

  • Make it a point to ensure  that your website loads quickly in few seconds only
  • To use images conveying only the information required
  • Usage of bigger fonts that are easy to read

SEO website audit

Another important factor is to start with an SEO audit with the help of known market tools or by taking SEO services. This will identify the site’s strengths and weaknesses. The audit will help you to use your strengths more strategically and initiate improvements in the weaker sections. 

SEO in India will help you to audit and hence identifying the areas that need more attention for improvement. An audit will identify how the various areas of a site are contributing to your SEO.

Attracting local customers

To beat your competitors, it is important to attract more local clients. Note that nearly one-third of all mobile searches are local-based queries, for example, “petrol pumps near me.” It is a wise step to optimize a website targeting local people, especially if you are selling goods or services to a specific location. 

It is vital to set up a Google My Business profile for local SEO settings. A professional digital marketing company can provide small business SEO packages to help you in attracting more traffic to your site.

Use keywords customers are searching for

If your site can answer better than your competitor’s site than the site will be recognized by the SERPs as a business to appear at the top of all the results. You can find many tools to help you in finding keywords research faster. For example, you can use dedicated research tools to provide the best-suited keywords for your site. You can also use Google’s autocomplete feature to help you find the most appropriate keywords.

It is good to use a domain name that starts with your keyword to add boost over sites that use a keyword in the middle or end of their domain.

Optimize for Voice Search

In recent years the voice search command has increased very rapidly. In a small business, it is important to optimize the results for how people ask questions while speaking into various devices. Keep in mind that most customers use long-tail keywords when doing voice searches in comparison with regular searches. So, it is advisable to adjust the SEO of content to fit with the more conventional local tone. 


SEO for small business owners is the demand of time, and the more time you wait for, the further your business may fall in search results. SEO growth hacking affects your rank in search results. SEO strategies like using long-tail keywords with mobile responsive sites and improving a web loading speed will definitely help small businesses to reach new heights.

One never knows when Google will introduce new features, but you can count on these coming changes. Adopting the above points, one may ensure to lay a solid foundation when new SEO is introduced. 

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