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5 Companies Producing Socks for a Cause

5 Companies Producing Socks for a Cause

An item of clothing mostly neglected by many people, but certainly, an important one is socks. Most people think, ‘Who looks at the socks, wear anything!’, but don’t make this mistake, ever. People notice your socks as much as the rest of your attire. Thus, purchasing and wearing appropriate socks are important for those first impressions.

Also, you may find every type of socks in the market, be it your favorite color, material, design, or anything. But, finding something that will leave you happy and proud from the heart is rare. However, there are companies that manufacture some of the finest socks and contribute towards a cause. Here is the list of 5 companies that are producing socks for a cause. So, let’s go through it.

1. Gorilla Socks

You guessed it right! Gorilla Socks is a company that manufactures eco-friendly socks and contributes towards the conservation of Gorillas. Their mission remains the protection of our planet in whichever way possible, including loving Gorillas. So, if you want to contribute to protecting these much-like-us species, buy socks from them and make yourself proud with the contribution.

2. Sexy Socks

From making socks from organic materials to contributing to society, Sexy Socks is doing it all. With every purchase, this company donates school socks to underprivileged children in South Africa. The interesting thing is that this whole idea started when the owner, Dave Hutchison, helped a person once. It is always good to hear that just a small step became the foundation stone of a change. So, if you want to keep the underprivileged children’s feet warm, buy socks from Sexy Socks.

3. Bombas

With a very simple aim of “One Purchased = One donated”, Bombas is winning hearts. No percentages or anything, just that whatever quantity is purchased, a similar amount is donated. They first emerged at a famous show, ‘Shark Tank’, and told everyone about Bombas and its working with a cause. The founders, David Heath and Randy Goldberg, very effectively impressed Daymond John to invest in their company. And, rest is history.

Many people and websites wrote Bombas reviews only after using their socks, and all are in their favor. So, if you want to donate a pair of socks to the homeless, you can buy a pair from Bombas, and they will donate one on your part.

4. Swap Socks

Swap Socks sells socks in a unique way. They sell a pack of 4 socks, all mismatched, explaining their name ‘Swap Socks’. This gives you the freedom to swap the styles. However, Swap Socks has collaborated with Seva Foundation to help treat visual impairment.

Very few people are aware that 80% of visual impairment can be treated. This is why Swap Socks, with the help of the Seva Foundation, funds many eye care projects for visually impaired individuals. Thus, people buying socks from Swap Socks are, indirectly, contributing towards this noble cause.

5. Conscious Step

Conscious Step is an organization that is connected with the world’s most dynamic establishments to work towards the betterment of society. An enterprise that is not only creating awesomely designed socks but is also contributing towards, not just one, various global causes. From providing HIV therapy to schoolbooks to water for everyone in need, they are doing it all. They are even planting trees, which everyone should be doing these days.

Different socks are connected with different charitable organizations that will donate with every sale. For example, with ‘Room to Read’, when you purchase a pair of socks, a book is donated to a child in need. Similarly, with water.org, purchasing a pair of socks leads to 4 years of clean water.


As said earlier, socks are a piece of clothing that is mostly neglected but is an important one. Socks have the highest requirement rate in the shelters. Even most of the homeless shelters request socks to be donated more. Thus, companies manufacturing or selling socks while contributing to some social cause are doing remarkable and blessed work.

So, if you want to become a part of this heroic work, you can purchase your next pair of socks from them (companies listed above) and help a person in need. Or, you can even donate something on your own to the underprivileged.