10 Tips To Encourage You Kids To Wear A Face Mask

After complete lockdown, cities, and states are reopening in different phases. But, coronavirus has not ended yet.  It is very important to follow the safety protocols when you step out of your house. One of the most important things to consider before going out of your house is wearing masks. 

You should wear a custom face mask and encourage your kids too. Your children may not able to understand the importance of masks, but you should tell them the right way to wear masks. It is vital to prepare your kids before stepping out of the house during this pandemic. Here, in this article, we will discuss various tips and tricks to encourage your kids to wear masks. 

1. Make Your Kids Get Used To Mask

You should provide a lot of time for your kids to practice wearing masks. Before you take your kid out of your house, you should give time to your kids to practice wearing face masks at home. This practice session at home will let your kids know the right way to wear face masks. You should also teach them how to put your masks on and take them off.

2. Decorative Face Masks

Purchase blank face masks and ask your kids to decorate them. It will make them feel that they are owners of theses custom-designed face masks. When your kids give a personal touch to the face masks, then they will love to wear these customized face masks. 

They will love to add the face masks in their normal routine. Moreover, they will love to wear face masks. Get some markers and stickers for the face mask decoration. 

3. Superhero Wear face Masks.

It is quite difficult to wear face masks, especially for kids. But, it will be easy for you to make your kids face masks when you make them feel good about it. You can tell them that superheroes wear face masks. 

You kids will love to wear a face mask when the superhero wears it. Before stepping outside of your house, you should tell your kid to play the role of a superhero by wearing the face masks.

4. Attractive Face Masks

You can purchase attractive custom face masks for your kids. The beautiful face masks attract small kids. It is an undeniable fact the kids attracted to beautiful things. Thus, when you invest in custom face masks such as superman face mask or Barbie doll face masks, then your kids will love to wear these masks.

5. Fun With Face Masks

You can incorporate fun with face masks so that your kids love to wear them. You can ask your kids to pretend like a doctor and nurse after wearing face masks. They will enjoy it and will not hesitate to wear the custom face masks. 

6. Provide Face Masks While Kids Play

If you provide a custom face mask to your kids, then they will use their imagination and use then while playing. In this way, you can add face masks in normal life. They will consider the face mask as an important thing in their life.

7. Mask On Stuffed Animal

Kids love stuffed animals, and when you put on the mask on their stuffed animal, your kids will try to imitate it. They will also love to put on the mask on their face. This way, your kids will enjoy wearing a face mask.

8. Teach your Kids

Just simply adding a face mask in the regular routine of kids is not sufficient. It is imperative to teach your kids the importance of wearing face masks. They should know why face masks are very important to us. 

You should tell them the coronavirus pandemic. After teaching your kids, you should ask them why it is important to wear a face mask. On the basis of the answer to your child, you can clear the confusion and clear the doubts.

9. DIY At Home

You should help your kids to prepare face masks at home. When you and your kids work as a team to customize your own face mask at home, it will encourage your children to include these face masks in their routine. 

You can DIY at home and use t-shirts and bandannas to prepare the face masks at home. When you opt for DIY, then your kids can choose the pattern and fabric of their choice.

10. Act As A Role Model

Parents can act as a role model for their kids. If parents and all other members in the house wear a face mask, then your kid will never say no. So, you should also put on your masks before going outside of your house. You can also do twining by purchasing similar types of face masks for you and your kids. 

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