10 Mistakes that must not be done in Bridal Makeup


Wedding makeup is an important part of the image of the bride. To be beautiful on such an important day, make sure you have not made the following mistakes.

Try Something New

Whether it’s blue mascara or unusual red lipstick, your wedding day is not the time to be bold. Give up shouting and choosing the makeup that is right for you, emphasizing the natural beauty.

Follow Fashion Trends

During the day, many makeup trends, such as spectacular smoky eyes, dark lipstick, or contours, seem too coarse and difficult. In addition, you must be 100% sure that after ten years, if you want to see the wedding photos, choose popular lipstick or eyeshadow this season. You may need to choose more classic settings that will always appear modern and relevant because it’s the first thing that is mentioned in the top makeup rules list.

Refuse Trial Makeup

Makeup is an inevitable part of wedding expenses, so do not train until the wedding. Spend 1-2 months before the holidays so that if the first photo is not for you, you have time to save the new photo.

To avoid this, please prepare a mixed test in advance: consult the fashion blog or Pinterest, get the necessary images, and then display the images with the makeup artist. The ideal choice is practice, makeup, and hairstyle in one day. Want to see the whole picture? Put white on the day.

Experiment with Skin Care Products

Want to try the cream that your friend suggested you use or try a new one in the living room? If you have less than two months left for your wedding, it is best to postpone all experiences until later. On the eve of the celebration, the best thing you can do is maintain your skin the usual way and remember to rehydrate yourself.

Too Much Flicker

Dazzling skin is a new trend in makeup that can make you create a delicate and prominent look, but too many glittery, glossy, and dazzling shades will make your skin greasy.

To avoid this, add a bit of shine over the bone and under the eyebrows, it looks very natural as if your skin was shining from the inside. And refuse to use exquisite decorative cosmetics: in the picture, the glitter can look like white spots on the skin.

Dark Eye Makeup

The use of black mascara in eye makeup is unquestionable, but the smoked shadows or long dark arrows are not suitable for everyone and generally do not combine the delicate, romantic image of the bride in a snow-white dress. In addition, too dark makeup can cause “scars” under the eyes of the image.

Likewise, the natural tones are more natural: beige, brown, light gray, and olive. When choosing a palette, pay attention to the color of the eyes: green eyes are suitable for bronze and pink, brown mocha and dark sand are suitable, blue-gray and purple, gray steel and copper are suitable.

Forget About Eyebrows

The eyebrows hit the eyes, so you should also pay attention to their appearance. Ask a makeup artist first about the shape of the eyebrows – you need to remove them beforehand to allow the damaged skin to heal before applying makeup.

Eyebrows can be distinguished in different ways: pencils, eyeshadows, and even resistance to painting. Choose the most natural shade when filling up, and don’t forget to cover your hair with gel or wax.

Too Dense Tone

Want to take a perfect wedding photo, then choose the closest foundation and apply makeup with thick powder paint? Large pores and a perfectly smooth complexion can make you look like a porcelain doll, and for many years a lot of powder is visually added to you. Favorite lightweight BB creams (especially when weddings take place on hot summer days). The concealer helps to cover small imperfections.

Lip Gloss

On the wedding day, give up the lip gloss and change to lipstick: it lasts longer, which means you don’t have to adjust your makeup every time after the groom’s kiss. Plus, lip gloss is not the best in photos, it provides bright highlights and blurry lip contours. I prefer long-lasting, matte lipsticks so they don’t leave marks on guests’ veils and cheeks.

Be Careful with Tanning

Remember, unlike white dresses, tanned skin is even darker and does not always look natural. Don’t forget the white marks on a swimsuit – the skirt of the skirt shouldn’t see them.

If you have problems in the solarium, schedule a few small meetings a few weeks before the wedding, this way the tanned skin tone will be more uniform. Do you like tanning? Don’t use it for the first time before the wedding, but spend some time getting a natural-looking shade on your skin before you practice applying it.

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